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What role does the caulking agent in the kitchen?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
The kitchen is a place full of warmth, the warmth of the kitchen, a few bright beautiful kitchen utensils and appliances, a lazy cat is tender at your feet, love you of person is large for you to do the delicious food waiting for you to go home, not too much, everything is a natural voice. Kitchen has been oil areas, however, strong let whole kitchen smoke lampblack, the damp water vapor has been eroding the wall of the kitchen, originally warm kitchen changed slowly, which gives people a headache is the problem of the kitchen sink mold. Will want to have a new home owner on the decoration of the kitchen also is unique, so some people on the wall of the kitchen with colourful, ceramic tile, ceramic tile with the kitchen set of CP, if collocation is proper will bring the whole kitchen the nods eyeball pen of excellent, but only the ceramic tile is not enough, want to let a kitchen to polish for a long time, there is also a thing cannot little, — Ceramic tile gap filling agent. One, choose metope ceramic tile 'will not' not all of the tiles are suitable for metope brick construction, it is a good construction technology without the right material, it is no use. If the area of the shop is stuck is bigger can choose bo changes a brick, bo changes a brick is commonly known as porcelain polished tiles, connect body to the surface of the tile body is polished and become a kind of shining brick, belong to the brick one. Due to the absorption rate is lower than the percentage of bo changes a brick. , so its waterproof properties is good, use in humid areas of the kitchen can effectively reduce the water damage to metope. Considering the practicality and aesthetics, some owners choose only the edge of the pool shop sticks ceramic tile in the kitchen, because such construction area is smaller, so you can choose to use Mosaic tiles for pavement construction. In the choice of Mosaic tiles at the same time can choose to use water-based epoxy caulking tile for processing, not only can effectively prevent vapor intrusion ceramic tile aperture, can also play the role of beautification. Beauty is always people unremitting pursuit, people aesthetic to beauty is also in progress with The Times and constantly improve, at the time of choice for the kitchen ceramic tile, many owners began to try to use antique tiles to replace the traditional Mosaic tiles, antique tiles and Mosaic tiles have one thing in common, is the construction area is not large, specifications of the tiles are usually *, *, *, *, *, *, common on the market is given priority to with x and x is given priority to. Second, the family of tile, tile in more delicate for clay glaze tile, the tile via high temperature fire and become, clay glaze tiles will look more dignified. Early clay CaiYouZhuan from body to glaze is done manually, with the development of technology, to promote the efficiency of people pursuit, most of the process can be replace by machines, are just some color still need to manually. , similarly, is another kind of tile - — Cement tile, the tile listen as if is not very tall, actually this kind of tiles and mentioned above clay glaze tile is the same kind of tile, basic it is pure handmade after high-temperature kiln firing, exquisite workmanship, just the price is more expensive. Although beautiful, expensive and delicate tiles, but is not suitable for all the family, is there any cheap and practical tile? The answer is yes! Glazed ceramic tile is currently on the market popular a kind of antique tiles, both in appearance and firing technology can be comparable with, use waterproof in beautification and kitchen sink more than enough. Colorful color tile makeup dot in the kitchen, to originally drab metope, added many color elements in the life we can not do without color, colour is to some extent represents the mood, have a good mood is the beginning of the ready meals. Very not easy to choose a good tiles, if you don't protect it well, it will be disqualified. Three, caulking agent what role the kitchen and the combination of ceramic tile can let a kitchen more energetic, to the overall effect of the tile is a good choice, if compare the kitchen to the battlefield, then tiling is waterproof, the most effective tools for kitchen and ceramic tile seam filling agent is the shield of tiling waterproofing, did not have the ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, again beautiful beautiful tile time is long also can black mold, neither health nor beautiful, let a person lose enthusiasm in the kitchen. In the face of this kind of oil, water be soiled areas, kitchen in choosing a ceramic tile seam filling agent to choose appropriate caulking products. Caulking's home that jay water porcelain with waterborne epoxy resin materials, double dosage form design more convenient, has a high gloss, good adhesion and environmental protection, operation is convenient, the advantages of easy to clean, no smell. It in water for dispersion medium, does not contain organic solvent, does not cause air pollution, meet the family decorates environmental requirements. Caulking focus on environmental protection of the production, research and development, sales, the company always adhere to the caulking to become the industry benchmark for six years as the goal, power gap filling product research and development of new environmental protection, led tree good caulking teacher group, and the self development and promoting the development of joint sealant industry as a whole.
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