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What's the gap filling agent for?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Now filled seam an agent that new materials, there may be part of the friend also is not very understanding, exactly what do you use? What points can be used in? Ceramic tile gap filling the first explanation is simply to fill the gaps between the tiles, so why stay seaming? Seam is mainly from three aspects of factors to consider: ( ) Ceramic tile has a first heat bilges cold shrink problem of ceramic tile, and stickup ceramic tile cement mortar will exist the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, so in the process of temperature or moderate change, ceramic tile and cement mortar has certain scale, if not sew, can lead to appear in the process of the ceramic tile in the later use the drum or cracking. ( ) Ceramic tile size error while ceramic tile though there are now mechanized production, but in the process of production, there will still be the size of the error, if not sew, prone to shop sticks ceramic tile seam not level off, the influence of ceramic tile is beautiful. ( ) Construction workers the shop is stuck in the current ceramic tile belongs to very high proficiency in a construction project, workers in the course of the shop is stuck, can't completely do the shop is stuck every piece of brick do without error. In addition to remind owner to a different time, different shop sticks ceramic tile, the effect will be different, if not sew, also it is difficult to ensure that flat problems of ceramic tile juncture, which affect the continuity of the ceramic tile shop sticks. Why do ceramic tile gap filling? Ceramic tile of the main two reasons: one is for the sake of aesthetics, the second is for health. If there is no product filling of ceramic tile aperture, can easily be garbage fill, not only difficult to clean up the dirty black, and it's easy to breed bacteria, harm your family's health, become a family concern. Only in professional environmental protection gap filling product can solve the problem. Ceramic tile aperture size is more appropriate for this problem, there is no a unified standard, in addition to satisfy itself of the heat from the cold ceramic tile factor, still need to combine the decorative effect of ceramic tile shop sticks. The following some of the common ceramic tile seam size: (give everyone a reference ) Hutch defends the wall brick of the size of the seam in general should be - 。 Mm, not below the mm, can as a reference by pneumatic nail or bags. Special effects can also be gap widened, such as mm. Like some archaize brick or tile, brick is better to leave seam width balcony. ( ) Special effects can also be gap widened, such as mm. Like some archaize brick or tile, balcony brick is better to leave seam width. ( ) Floor tile, such as bo changes a brick in the shop is stuck in the seam. - Mm or so.
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