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What should the balcony decorate?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Decorate the balcony area is not very big, but as a relatively independent space, balcony, daylighting is good, and the owner is usually on the up and down the balcony decorate some kung fu, let the balcony become a can have a rest or functional strong place. Under such demands, design and color is diverse and durable ceramic tile became the balcony decorate a selection of the more important. By ceramic tile ceramic tile is filled seam an agent, not only can let the balcony easy clean of ceramic tile aperture, can also make the whole style of the balcony more outstanding. Painted painted imitation stone glazed ceramic tile imitation stone glazed ceramic brick used in home outfit is more widely, almost the average family can choose to use this kind of ceramic tile, the balcony is no exception. Imitation stone is general for imitation marble texture, texture clear, compared to pure color tile slightly some administrative levels. Based on the above advantages, more suitable for Chinese style, the new Chinese style, Chinese style is contracted, more attention to practical decorate a style. Imitation stone glazed ceramic tiles, usually with more is the ceramic tile of gold is filled seam an agent. Golden color beautiful ceramic tile gap filling agent, can with imitation stone photograph echo, also can decorate slightly bland add a beautiful atmosphere. The golden color of ceramic tile gap filling agent, diamonds, gold, gold plating this kind of sequins is full of color, in the balcony sufficient light, more can show the charm of the balcony. Taken the painted wood grain brick wood grain on the decorates a style has always been more promoting the grain, wood grain brick as a good alternative to wooden floor, wooden floor better afraid of damp, the shortcomings of easy corrosion, let the balcony this easy moisture also can have a wood grain and elegant decoration. And the characteristics of waterproof corrosion resistance of ceramic tile itself can also be just everyday do clean become very convenient. Wood grain brick according to difference of imitation wood grain will also have many different colors, from the point of view of ceramic tile gap filling agent, generally adopt the collocation of color close. Similar color collocation can let whole wood grain brick simple peaceful atmosphere, decorate owner can choose different depending on the imitation wood grain color. Such as light color wood grain brick general collocation of white ceramic tile gap filling agent, dark brown wood grain brick generally add brown ceramic tile gap filling agent, compared with the yellow wood grain brick can fill with gold is ceramic tile seam an agent. Painted painted archaize brick archaize brick is one of the popular among modern decoration of ceramic tile, matte non-slip, dark tonal, specifications slants small traditional archaize brick has the intense sense of unique, very suitable for building a low-key composed of balcony style. And color is more elegant, more diversified specifications of modern archaize brick, compared to the balcony to bring some low-key elegant style. Because of the colour of archaize brick, various in form, on the choice of ceramic tile seam filling agent will have more choice. Traditional ceramic tile gap filling agent of color, white fastens tie-in archaize brick tile gap filling agent or the existence of the more popular. When decorate, at present, more owners choose grey tile gap filling agent for light color archaize brick tile gap filling agent. Grey tile caulking agent itself is downy sense and archaize brick, of primitive simplicity is also more suitable for fill and brunet ceramic tile seam an agent in direct sunlight place such as the balcony, some will be more durable. Painted flowers painted brick in the pursuit of personality of the owner, also can appear the balcony into a closed rest space. But in this case, the use of floret brick frequency will be higher. Floret brick color gorgeous, design, changeable, can make the space is not large balcony levels more rich, and on the space more open some. Due to the pattern of floret brick has been outstanding, in order to make decorative pattern stitching is harmonious, the color of ceramic tile is filled seam an agent also choose and tile relatively close to the color. Such as black, white, gray, the three kinds of commonly used color to be able to match the tile on the grain market, the ceramic tile seam filling agent will also be able to better effect. Above four kinds of ceramic tile is in the balcony decorate more common among several classes, the owner in the process of selecting the color ceramic tile gap filling agent, should first from oneself decorate a style to start, try to choose and own decorate a style, the ceramic tile with other room filled seam an agent color is similar, can match the color ceramic tile gap filling agent, so as to achieve color coordinated with decorate a style to ceramic tile gap filling agent, can also have a good decoration effect. Ceramic tile seam filling agent the collocation of color, want to have a more professional answer, they need some more professional ceramic tile seam filling agent services. Until now have been in ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling agent caulking agent market has years of experience in the market, now of the professional ceramic tile is above all a caulking agent group. Professional ceramic tile seam filling agent service to understand the owner of the whole decorate a style, according to these decorate a style to determine the color of the ceramic tile ceramic tile seam filling agent, again with internal construction completion case let owner satisfaction of ceramic tile seam filling agent construction.
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