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When decorating, ceramic tile ceramic tile gap adjustment of how to deal with?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
In hutch is defended decorate, ceramic tile is the spacing between the use of caulking agent daub is the key to crack, the adjustment of ceramic tile aperture size, make ceramic tile stick a neat, beautiful make the gaps between the tiles are consistent, uniform. Ceramic tile of laid, must pay attention to seam, there are some so-called seamless ceramic tile, actually is a kind of opportunistic approach. Ceramic tile seam, but not to deal with the issue of specification is not the whole, and the most main is reserved for the shape of heat bilges cold shrink. If ceramic tile seamless processing in construction, then expands, where its elongation? Obviously, a premise to achieve seamless ceramic tile is tile heat bilges cold shrink rate is zero. We know that this possibility is zero. So forcibly seamless processing what are the consequences? Ceramic tile can't heat bilges cold shrink down walls, because its power of bonding strength can't be greater than the push on the back wall. So, porcelain brick arch. Ceramic tile positioning cross usage: under normal circumstances, a brick with a cross, mm cross if such as brick almost can take down after reoccupy dry, generally can be used three times, so I can save some cost; But the mm and the mm of the cross is not easy to win, otherwise easy to brick deducted, only after brick completely dry can be added, so generally it is difficult to reuse, but use after daub aperture gap filling agent, can't see out.
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