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When decorating the caulking construction for a long time after curing agent what reason be?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Caulking agent market is very hot, now become the home installs the necessary choice. Whether offline stores to buy caulking agent ten big brands of products, or in the store to buy some caulking products, all want to consider the construction of caulking agent follow-up questions. In the process to decorate their own or ask caulking master caulking agent construction, the construction is completed, will be subtle problems, such as some in construction after a day filled seam an agent or has no cure? The cause of this problem has a lot of, caulking below small make up one by one and give the solution. If ceramic tile aperture when the caulking water not stem, or there is water, this is the cause not curing on the one hand, this kind of processing up more troublesome, usually need to do caulking. Not another important reason is the uneven mixture of curing, there are many factors that can lead to uneven mixing mainly:, caulking agent itself properties of raw materials, product AB in the two groups in the proportion of the mix can cure. Started out the glue as A, B two pipe there will always be first out, this first came out of the glue is not uniform, general ChengBang caulking agent manufacturers recommended construction discard front-end cm, not with the reserved. If the mandatory use of cm reserve is expected to hit may lead to products not curing. And mixing tube opening is too small, can also lead to the glue not in a state of mixed evenly. , use the poor quality of glue guns, or with long on both sides have a haircut imbalance, leading to the glue is not uniform, and on the one hand, the reason is that gap filling operation not skilled, this also leads to no cure. And common problem is filled seam an agent after curing and how to deal with, many ceramic tile seam filling agent after the filling, solidification is hard, clear edge when bad processing, small make up also explain how to clear edge: after curing caulking agent how to deal with: high temperature, use hair dryer blowing, such as softening after cleaning, this approach is applicable to accidentally drops or not careful besmear to do not need to apply. Wash, can directly with a certain concentration of alcohol, if has been frozen, can soak in hot water for a period of time and then wash with alcohol; , drenched in shampoo corrupt place first, then add water dilute vinegar, dipped in solution with the brush gently scrub. After dry, flick off dust, reoccupy clear water is rinsed repeatedly. , for smooth ceramic tile, if there is residual gap filling agent, can use did to tilt knife blade or wallpaper micro force except; For frosted surface and three-dimensional ceramic tile, use tool processing will be relatively easy, for the safety of ceramic tile also is not recommended to use tool to deal with. , appearance is colorless transparent liquid, ammonia smell, can rapid clean all kinds of caulking agent on the surface of the ceramic tile stone, paint, asphalt, adhesive, adhesive paper, adhesive tape residue, lipstick mark, soot and other residue stains. Whether caulking agent curing or bad not clear, most of them are with ceramic tile seam filling agent in the construction of the wrong operation cause, so in peacetime still need to fill skilled seam an agent construction during the construction of teacher to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.
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