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When decorating what problem should note?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
'Golden nine silver ten' decorate season coming, the temperature is appropriate, decorate a company strength is big, many owners have to seize this opportunity to begin to decorate their houses. That is not among the first to buy a house, decorate for the first time the new owner, the owner completed some want to depend on oneself idea, some want to rigorous professional decoration team. You, no matter what kind of the owner, can decorate in finishing this one in the bible, learn what they want. Not when the shopkeeper whether want to participate in the design of cutting or just to team owner of professional decoration, can't do in after the handover of cutting and the shopkeeper, carte Blanche to decorate team construction. Decorate a company, after all, is not all the man of god, or simple communication can not only see appearance can judge the owner to carry in our hearts. Owner should communicate with decorate a company to actively, their hobbies, habits, ideas fully informed, so they can understand the owners want to decorate a style, make let owner satisfaction of design. In addition, the design and actual sometimes is not able to completely fused, decorate some utopian design, may in the actual when decorating, can not be achieved. So when decorate, the owner should ask decorate progress regularly, and remind the supervisor on site. If decorate conflict has appeared in the process of design and decoration, convenient and timely communication to solve. Blind pursuit of fashion style home whole style show the owner's personal aesthetic taste, for the style of choosing the owner is also more attention. And with the development of domestic outfit, domestic outfit style also spawned a variety of forms, many owners in varied when the choice will be some hesitation. And some of the owners, because want to pursuit of fashion personality, may go to find some smaller deliberately the style of the decoration. But when the newness fades, and then want to change is very difficult. Decorate for owner is almost a lifetime thing, personality is important, more important still is to create a suitable for their own living space. If you want to the pursuit of fashion, the owner can spend some of idea on soft outfit. Late soft behave affectedly is for hard outfit, easy to change, also can through different soft outfit collocation gives different style in the home. Path of hydropower without reasonable planning of hydropower sounds complicated, but it is the owners need to decorate in the prophase will determine the good things. Distribution of water and electricity well, can also provide a variety of convenient for life after. Such as circuit includes a variety of switch and outlet of the subsequent distribution, reasonable distribution to the owners after life bring convenience, also won't increase too much in the late strip, so as to maintain the power of the owner. After water you will need to cooperate with each part of the height of water facilities, otherwise likely late waterways and bought reservoir location do not match, can't install the phenomenon. So, even if the owner is not very good water concrete operation principle, also want to actively communicate with construction personnel. A good choice is to let the designer according to decorate rendering a layout diagram of water and electricity, convenient construction site construction personnel. Hydropower layout diagram of ceramic tile do caulking if you don't do caulking caulking, or only do so within a few months, you may accumulate a lot of dirt of ceramic tile aperture, and is likely to start breeding bacteria, harm to human body. Ceramic tile seam filling agent is a new thing, but it is both practical and decorative, not only can effectively resist all kinds of dirt outside bacteria invasion of ceramic tile aperture, it keeps bright beautiful beautiful colour can let ceramic tile aperture, such as porcelain. For the sake of your family's health, suggest in ceramic tile shop is stuck after a week can start caulking. Caulking products do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, heavy metal, to resist the dirt erosion of ceramic tile aperture at the same time, also can bring different style to domestic outfit style. Leave space for children to grow up in the general case, the owner will have children or plan to have children in the home, children room also is owner decorates the attention part. Both boys and girls, in the process of growth and development, to furniture, space, environment colour will have corresponding change, the owner should not be in the early stage of the the adornment of the house to do too much, but can be as children grow slowly and make proper adjustment. If the owner is not raising a child in the short term plan, also want to leave a space for children room appropriately, before it became a children room, can be used as a simple study, work area, convenient modification in the future. Decoration is a big thing of life, but in the process of realize their ideal also need to combined with the actual. Ideal and actual unifies, can achievement belongs to own heaven and earth. Caulking year founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, focused on caulking product research and development, production, sales and construction, the development history of has been established, acclaimed in the industry of caulking. Caulking, mainly, he jie, roubaix, royal nest, xin porcelain five major brands, products cover water porcelain, porcelain, water-borne epoxy, beauty and treasure to four categories, to be able to meet the demand of all kinds of indoor and outdoor caulking decoration.
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