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When jay ceramic tile species have?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Ceramic tile seam filling agent: parsing ceramic tile characteristics, meet the construction requirements. 【 When jay advantage 】 : the emphasis on quality, focus on environmental protection, efficient service. Mr Jie always adhere to the production of green environmental protection products, ceramic tile gap filling agent focused on advanced production technology, perfect after-sale system, all for family health, for customer satisfaction. For centuries, with the decorative effect of ceramic tile ceramic tile production method of improvement and improve. In islamic period, for example, all the decoration of ceramic tile method in Persia reached its peak. Then, in the process of the history of ceramic tile, Mosaic of Spain and Portugal, the floor tile of Italian Renaissance, Antwerp glazed tile, ceramic tile ceramic tile development of illustrations and Germany in the Netherlands has landmark significance. Ceramic tile process the same, but the tile classification and usage is different. The surface of the glazed tile glazed pottery after burn glair processing. Glaze made of clay and China clay, clay fire red, on the back of the back of the porcelain clay fire are pale; According to gloss different, divided into dumb light, two light glazed pottery. As a result of the glazed tile abrasion resistance is not so good, so when do caulking, need to advance in the gap between two brick with crepe paper. If it is to use ceramic tile gap filling agent product, then only need to hit waxing can begin to do caulking, improve the efficiency of caulking. That knows body brick to connect body that will rock debris by high-pressure suppression and become, surface after polishing stiffness can be compared with the stone material, bibulous rate is lower and wearability. The surface of the body brick not glaze, and the positive and negative material and colour and lustre is consistent, hence the name. The design and color of the brick is single, as far as possible when choosing caulking color selection and design and color is similar color. Jie caulking has a variety of color, can choose favorite color. Bo changes a brick bo changes a brick is the brick body, mixed with a certain proportion of quartz sand, mud fire; Finely polished but not need polishing, like a transparent mirror surface smooth and bright; Is a kind of brick of hardness in the ceramic tile is high. Bo changes a brick appearance more beautiful, suitable for more beautiful color, when jay ceramic tile seam filling agent product adopts high-grade toner, color beautiful, high temperature resistant, more durable. That brick of polishing brick polish is the brick body surface after grinding, polishing and become a kind of shining brick. When jay ceramic tile seam filling agent products smooth surface, such as porcelain, easy to clean, fight corrupt non-stick oil, can make lasting clean ceramic tile aperture, polishing brick is caulking option. Glazed ceramic tile all glazed ceramic is a specially formulated glaze glaze in polishing process, draw lessons from the polishing technology of polishing brick, make the brick surface effect is bright and clean level off, bright as a mirror; Glair technology on again at the same time, under the glaze the pattern design and color is rich and colorful. Glazed ceramic tile in the caulking should be careful when brick, wipe out the remaining material when try to use the shovel to clear up the corner and then to tear in addition to the whole. Jay ceramic tile gap filling agent product operation is simple, just gently push can wipe out the remaining material, to ensure complete ceramic tile. Microcrystalline microlite consists of a layer above the brick under the microcrystalline and embryos combining calcining of a new type of material. Microcrystalline hardness is small, when do caulking should try to use water-based materials, water-based materials, easy and scraping tiling surface. Jay water porcelain color bright, antibacterial, mouldproof and firm bonding of all kinds of decoration materials are commonly used. Mosaic Mosaic is general by tens of piece small brick comprises a relatively big brick, small and exquisite, glow, can joining together into the design of individual character, European and Mediterranean household style suit to use. Mosaic of smaller volume, with the traditional ceramic tile seam filling agent product operation is more troublesome. Jie water-based epoxy into AB two groups, with the scene matching, large daub the way of construction, greatly improve the working efficiency. Water-based materials, easy to clean, just can wipe with a clean wet sponge. Archaize brick archaize brick and brick restoring ancient ways, essentially a glazed porcelain tiles to make antique effect, texture and mostly presents stone, rock slice, divided into two kinds of mist and smooth surface. To reflect the years vicissitudes of life, historical massiness, archaize brick by style, color, design, build a nostalgic atmosphere. The wear resistance of archaize brick is not very good, so need to be in front of the caulking wax. Small area of archaize brick jie water porcelain epoxy used for construction, efficient and effective.
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