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When winter coming, caulking should note what respect?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
The temperature decrease at the same time, also more and more can feel the breath of winter. Winter low temperature, not only is the test for caulking teacher himself, for caulking material, is also a lot of cold test. Although caulking material to resist low temperature, but it in front of the curing fission condition is fragile. With the reduction of temperature gap filling grout products will be thickened gradually along with the change of temperature, also can appear when construction products need to make an effort to play. In addition, the thermal conductivity of ceramic tile is stronger, the surface temperature will be much lower than the indoor temperature, low temperature curing for caulking have an impact, will lead to more material in shovel is brittle bad cleaning. Therefore, in the process of caulking, caulking teacher should pay attention to the construction of environment temperature change, increase some appropriate insulation work. Construction temperature should be above ℃ for caulking construction, more suitable for construction in ℃ temperature above. If the local temperature has dropped below ℃, caulking architect can take some proper heating measures to rise at room temperature. Home owner if you have air conditioning, heating, can communicate with the landlord in advance, description, let owner will open, heating in advance in order to achieve the construction temperature of the caulking. But when construction, floor heating is not able to continue to open. Before the construction, caulking division in advance will be shut down of floor heating. If it is in a comparatively cold zone, can choose to shut down part of the floor heating again after caulking construction way of the construction. Owner if there is no more than in the home heating, caulking teacher can bring a heater, open before caulking premise, after waiting for room temperature is suitable for caulking construction again. Shut the doors and Windows before and after the construction should be low winter temperatures, rain and snow, and freezing phenomenon also is common. Ceramic tile seam filling grout products in the process of solidification are fragile, if is affected by the snow and rain moisture, low temperature cold, it is easy to produce qualitative change during curing, after curing time not stem, the phenomenon such as white, fall off, craze. Therefore, ensure that caulking curing in a stable environment is very important. Stable actually very simple, caulking division before the caulking remember to shut the doors and Windows, keep indoor can be closed. In the seam pressure at the same time, waiting for the process of solidification, also want to owner told many times, in the process not to open the doors and Windows and ventilation. Caulking products should be stored properly and appropriate heating for caulking product fragile before curing, winter for caulking products is the preservation and construction of heating are need caulking teacher attention. Similar to general colloidal substance, appropriate storage temperature in ℃ - caulking ℃ between. Therefore, we suggest that the gap filling product neat indoors, dark room, there are doors and Windows of the room should pay attention to peacetime to shut the doors and Windows, in order to keep indoor temperature stability. Construction, as a result of the need of material handling, caulking division material can be put to back-up box car, avoid by all means do not put too long. Because after the interior temperature of direct sun will rise rapidly, caulking products because of the risk of tube in the sudden high temperature. Low temperature condition of caulking products will be thick, the glue will be more difficult, at this point you need before the glue for caulking appropriate heating products, it is in a comparatively ideal working condition. Before construction, can prepare a bucket of ℃ - caulking division ℃ warm water, take minutes of caulking products into hot water. If need to interrupt glue, before the work can not win mixing tube, caulking product to soak minutes to start construction. In the process of keeping temperature, also can appear some unexpected situation, construction in winter do caulking, caulking division also want to consider this kind of situation, completes the prevention work in time. Precautions to avoid Windows and doors and wet in the process of heating up, indoor and outdoor will produce some temperature difference, which leads to the windowsill in the home owner may produce part of the phenomenon of water vapor. Caulking architect in the construction, if found the doors and Windows with water vapor, should be timely with dry cloth to wipe clean. If there is no water, when the crack-cleaning also want to see if the windowsill of ceramic tile aperture internal dry. Remaining material brittle because of the thermal conductivity of ceramic tile, ceramic tile in winter will surface temperature is much lower than indoor temperature, caulking products will also because of the low temperature, after curing, the phenomenon of the brittle and difficult to clean up. So in winter construction, no matter what kind of material of ceramic tile, caulking division before construction for ceramic tile waxing. Between the layer of wax can make ceramic tile and caulking forming a layer partition, let more than gap filling material can cling on wax, excess stock can also be to root out smoothly. Enter winter, for every struggle in a line for caulking division is a test. But as long as overcome the problems of the cold, winter caulking can do delicate and wonderful. Caulking after years of development, has formed a set research and development, production, sales, construction as one of the complete industrial chain. Caulking product independent research and development, the shandong jinan, anhui ma on shan two modern production base, production, transport and wuhan in hubei province, jiangsu xuzhou two large company, the national sales service centers, and by thousands more caulking team construction, let the caulking become an integral part of green decorating idea owner.
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