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Whole house decoration, ceramic tile can also show an outfit

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
In the face of the impact of the new material, ceramic tile is grasped the nettle and challenges with new attitude! Ceramic tile in decoration materials industry has always occupied a very important position, but the impact of Jane's style popular, in recent years, the ceramic tile seems to be gradually emerging materials such as wooden floor, wall paper, water-based paint. Some people would say, ceramic tile has become over the web celebrity, became the 'old' in the last century. And they did not see, is made by ceramic tile according to domestic outfit pop style change constantly, and combined with caulking bursts with new vitality. The advantages of ceramic tile ceramic tile can be the owner's favoured causes mainly it can waterproof antifouling properties, so the maintenance of ceramic tile also is more convenient, as long as pay attention to clean at ordinary times, ceramic tile can accompany the owner to the time of my life. Impact of competition in the new material, ceramic tile reformed the firing technology in recent years, constantly develop new type of ceramic tile, ceramic tile on the basis of the original durable, derived the decorative features. Therefore, as a decoration material with a long history, the shop is stuck limitations of ceramic tile is much smaller, whole house decoration ceramic tile is no longer a dream. Ceramic tile with caulking tile itself is effectively waterproof antifouling, but due to the nature of its own heat bilges cold shrink, shop sticks ceramic tile when need to set aside certain aperture leave scale space for ceramic tile. And the gap if it is not a proper handling, can shelter evil people and practices of existence. Don't clear them for a long time, not only the dirty black appearance, inner is likely also bacteria, mould of detrimental to health. The emergence of the ceramic tile gap filling agent, completely solve the health problems. At the same time, between caulking and colorful color and changeful ceramic tile also formed a new trend. Between different regions, different collocation of ceramic tile and caulking match different kinds of way, also let tiles in different region of space reflect the owner wanted to adornment effect. Marble tiles kitchen is smeary, water damage, such as sauce stains are common place, therefore, in the choice of ceramic tile, the recommended antifouling wear-resistant ceramic tile. Marble tile in antifouling wear-resisting is more outstanding, and its own direction unification, the effect of natural marble decorative pattern, for the small kitchen bring capacious and bright visual effect. According to different marble tile color design and color, the caulking also need to choose a different color to match. General grey, gold white with gray, golden caulking collocation. It is important to note that the kitchen greasy dirt is more, the owner may use strong alkali class when cleaning detergent, this kind of cleaner easy corrosion caulking produce discoloration. So, in order to prevent the caulking color too obvious, when choosing color suggest choose low transparency color. Archaize brick bathroom toilet is the place where water is more, the owner usually will be in the bathroom to wash, shower, so the ceramic tile of toilet in waterproof at the same time also to have prevent slippery effect. Archaize brick is not easy to water features, combined with rough surface texture, it is toilet waterproof non-slip tiles of choice. Due to the design and color of archaize brick is more, the choice of caulking color is natural also more, the owner can choose according to domestic whole decorate a style to match the color caulking. Compared with other color, shiny silver is toilet caulking compared commonly commonly used color, the color choice difficult owners can refer to use. Wood grain brick bedroom bedroom as a place of rest and relaxation, general family will decorate the bedroom sweet nature. So in the adornment of the bedroom, close to natural wood floor more popular with the owner. But the wood is easily influenced by bug eat by moth, mildew, maintenance is more difficult. And the wood grain brick is different, it is wood grain surface, but nature or ceramic tile, maintenance is convenient, also won't be affected with damp be affected with damp mildewy. The generic most of the wood grain, wood grain brick has been able to its color including gray, brown, white, etc. Caulking construction, in order to maintain the wood grain of the wood grain brick authenticity, caulking should choose similar color and wood grain brick, also let between wood grain brick and caulking. Therefore, ivory white, gold, light golden coffee similar to wood grain of caulking color is the collocation with wood grain brick more appropriate. Sitting room glazed ceramic brick of the sitting room is the place that welcomes a visitor, part of domestic outfit need to highlight the personality. Glazed ceramic tile as ceramic tile history is long, development of design and color is a kind of mature ceramic tile, natural role. Not only have many different design and color glazed ceramic brick, in the process of development also spawned spelling a flower, bird line these different adornment effect. This kind of complex design and color, golden caulking can put them together, and show the temperament of ceramic tile design itself. If it is contracted style, of the sitting room golden caulking can let a sitting room more transparent feeling, appear more open space as a whole. The ceramic tile of different kinds, different design and color, also have different properties. But as long as a reasonable choice to decorate area, plus reasonable collocation with caulking, tiles decorated houses will be full of amazing decoration effect. Caulking tile gap filling agent, which owns, and xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five caulking brand, its product caulking converge on common market nearly 20 kinds of caulking color, can satisfy the general family caulking decoration needs. On the basis of caulking color rich, caulking products smooth surface, such as porcelain, anti-fouling, anti-mildew antibacterial wear-resisting, suitable for indoor and outdoor various caulking decoration within the space will be beautiful and practical at a suit, bring good life experience for owner.
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