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Why a new ceramic tile aperture was black?

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
How to correctly save ceramic tile aperture? Recently, small make up of caulking often meet with the owner of such consultation. 'My family just stayed there for three months, how could the kitchen ceramic tile seam are oil, yellow one too obvious to do ah! 'Indeed, as the use of high frequency, toilet and kitchen areas of dirt is more, use after a period of time, not too antifouling of ceramic tile aperture will appear such problems. Over the long term, not only will be more and more ugly appearance, in the mold may cause certain harm to human body. For the owner asked, is not looking forward to, detailed analysis, detailed solution. Why black ceramic tile mould? Ceramic tile aperture in black material base is in the gap of the source of all kinds of mold and microbial breeding, want to solve this problem, must first understand why ceramic tile aperture has been so appreciated by them. Should first consider the environmental factors, kitchen and bathroom is a place where water frequency is higher. A room without ventilation in time, if you use the internal water vapor condensation, the air became damp, and humid environment is very conducive to bacterial breed reproduction. Second, bacteria, mold growth also need certain carrier. For bacteria, these are their nutrition agent, can provide energy for their further reproduction. Dirty black porcelain joints so want to remove the black dirt, it is important to keep space of dry and clean. And for these have mold, can use the following method to solve. Remove dirty black ceramic tile. Toothpaste toothpaste is one of the necessities of permanent home, and it can also be used to remove the mold on ceramic tile aperture, dirt, dust, dirt and stains. Prepare a toothbrush, not in use will be evenly squeeze toothpaste on the need to clean the aperture, again even moderately friction crack surface, cracks can return to before clean state. 。 Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda will first baking soda evenly in the place of ceramic tile aperture, then pour a small amount of hydrogen peroxide solution, in which chemical reactions with the brush scrub ceramic tile aperture at the same time. If the gap is dirty, also can use the brush evenly let stand for a period of time after to scrub. To scrub brush again after a period of time, by ordinary wipe clean way again gap, gap of dirty black was away. 。 Baking soda + lemon juice + + white vinegar, this method for water didn't buy to the owner of hydrogen peroxide, using his home of the existing ingredients and seasoning, mix out the detergent. The lemon juice, baking soda, vinegar, the proportion of water to each a mix of mixed into containers, dip in with the brush and then get some cleaner, with appropriate strength after scrubbing the gap again with a clean cloth, can also be used to achieve the effect of clean aperture. Of the three kinds of cleaning methods, but can effectively remove the dirt between the ceramic tile aperture, but is not a long time. After a period of time, the ceramic tile aperture, black mold will resume. If the owner of the shop is stuck in the home the small size ceramic tile, ceramic tile aperture more, clean up will be more difficult. That have a kind of method, can let owner convenient clean ceramic tile aperture like ordinary mop the floor? To tell you that caulking can achieve it. The advantage of caulking gap filling the gap filling agent, which is different from traditional product after standard construction and curing, it can firmly adsorbed on either side of ceramic tile, and forms a protective layer on the crack surface. Protective layer surface is smooth, such as porcelain, hard wear-resisting, let a kitchen grease, soap scum and other bathroom scale can invade. The survival of bacteria, mould lost their nutrients, also cannot thrive within the ceramic tile aperture, produce dirty black. Hard just its outer gap filling agent, its inner also has a certain flexibility. Due to the use in kitchen and toilet before and after the use of the temperature and humidity of gap is big, the heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon of ceramic tile. Flexibility, better caulking products to a certain extent, can withstand these areas of ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink, prevent ceramic tile appear BengCi phenomenon. Can effectively protect the caulking of ceramic tile, on clean is also very convenient. Due to the nature of no contamination, caulking products don't have to be like a traditional caulking agent requires a separate cleaning, scrubbing just incidentally when clean tile caulking can achieve clean effect, for owner to reduce a lot of time to do the housework. Ceramic tile seam filling agent products set the characteristics of the dirty black resistant, easy to clean, make ceramic tile aperture is no longer a shelter evil people and practices. With beautiful appearance, smooth appearance, and ceramic tile is tie-in, became a beautiful beautiful scenery line of decoration. Wen can decorate, wu can sterilization, so thrilling caulking, do you have any reason not to do? Caulking years founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the company after years of development, with good quality, good service, in the caulking has achieved good reputation in the industry. , and in its xin jie, roubaix, royal nest, porcelain five brand products in the field of tooling, domestic outfit have a certain market share. Choice, is to choose the environmental protection and peace of mind.
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