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Why caulking agent brand price difference so big?

by:Kastar     2020-07-25
With the rapid development of economy, the home installs building materials industry in both quality and service have been improved. Caulking agent market brand is numerous, each brand price difference is very big also. So, why is filled seam an agent brand price difference so big? International caulking agent below small make up and analyze. 。 Raw material quality difference. Caulking agent of raw materials is composed of epoxy resin and curing agent, the price generally ranging from several thousand yuan to tens of thousands of yuan, toner ranging from dozens to hundreds of yuan. Many low-cost caulking agent brand use cheap epoxy resin, curing agent and toner for production, reduce the cost. Caulking agent imported pure epoxy resin and curing agent, high purity pigment color, so produced caulking agent not only high cohesive force, glossiness and hardness are also very good. 。 Factory production scale differences. Many brand caulking agent to look for a generation of processing manufacturers, using cheap, inferior caulking agent OEM, not production factory, low cost and selling price is low. Caulking from the beginning of brand creation, then fill with environmental ceramic tile seam as the goal, quality and reliable! 。 Complementary makings quality difference. Complementary makings is very easy to give ignored, actually caulking agent packaging, especially the double tube filled seam an agent products, accessories for the product also has a vital influence. Use unqualified cement or hose can cause caulking agent products leak adhesive, discharging uneven, material not later construction problems, and so on. Caulking agent selects the high quality rubber hose nipple, strictly control the material quality, do a good job in every tube filled seam an agent products. According to the above analysis, we should be clear why the caulking agent brand price difference so big. Small make up to tell you: ceramic tile seam filling agent cost decided to price, quality embodies the brand!
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