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Why caulking agent than caulking agent healthier after use?

by:Kastar     2020-07-18
People are now in the process of undertaking decorating, both pay attention to the effect that decorate, also attaches great importance to the use after decorating, as well as the level of a very attention, that is in daily life or work for a healthy body. Healthy environment is a very fashionable modern decoration concept, now need to analysis the gap filling agent, and selection of caulking agent used, the process is not only has the effect of comparison, as well as with other aspects of the analysis, it is in use process, who can have the effect of health? Actually the answer is, no doubt, the use of caulking agent is a better choice, more healthy element, at the same time if its performance is more outstanding. Now's the time to analyze why use it will achieve the result of more healthy? Is mainly reflected in the performance of his application, it has a waterproof as well as the effect of the net, at the time of use, if if he USES, so after solidification, basically can achieve as well as ceramic quality of a material. Because it is waterproof, so won't appear slack phenomenon, because it is also the moistureproof, so don't save water. And in daily life, the most easy to produce bacterial growth, in the clean corner, if there is wet, can cause health problems. But with the caulking agent can circumvent this problem, change an Angle to think, it is the original one of the upgrades for gap filling agent, which is originally worry about related bacterial growth, basically are the result of the use of caulking agent. Caulking agent is filled seam an agent upgrade products, refined by a variety of polymers and high-grade pigment, and caulking agent is mainly composed of powder kind of inorganic material such as cement material + low pigment. Secondly from the product after the construction of the visual effects, smooth surface, such as porcelain, caulking agent after curing is very beautiful, and this effect will continue, and surface is very rough, caulking agent without burnish, at the beginning of the construction after the feeling can also, but after a few months, seam becomes dark, dirty. Furthermore said, from the actual performance gap filling agent waterproof, moistureproof and have very strong self-cleaning, green environmental protection, caulking agent not only waterproof, but also easy to mildew, in the summer can cause a lot of bacteria, directly affect people's health. Finally from color species, said the color of caulking agent is rich, have the light, matt, metal three series, can according to the customer the style to the color of ceramic tile, which can highlight the luxury of ceramic tile, and the color of caulking agent types are very few, and no matter what color, start is - Months after all become black, yellow, very ugly, and beautiful brick can also drop on the grade, caulking agent is not a liquid or a solid, it is cream.
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