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Why ceramic tile seam, must do caulking?

by:Kastar     2020-07-16
Ceramic tile seam is a master at the time of construction will have operation, so why ceramic tile seam? To do caulking between ceramic tile? Must have many owners do not know these, and the small make up take a look at the inside knowledge.

why ceramic tile seam is

1, the physical change of ceramic tile requirements

there is any object heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile is not exceptional also, if the gap is too small, ordinary ceramic tile set aside to ceramic tile responses to environmental variation, once the temperature change, can appear the phenomenon such as arch since ceramic tile, crowded broken, so we will this seam is also called the expansion joints.

2, ceramic tile size error

generally exist mainly because of ceramic tile size error, it is everybody's common perception, after all products during production cannot be exactly the same, size, weight, generally conform to the relevant standards, as long as the error is allowed. Besides the same batches of the same type of ceramic tile products, are likely to have the length, straight Angle, side straight degree deviation etc. , so there is no without error.

3, ceramic tile in the construction error

the workers in the process of construction, in addition to the non-standard construction method, also can appear some error in the collage. Such as seamless brick wall brick, polishing brick generally in 1 - the size of the seam 1. About 5 mm, not less than 1 mm.

how ceramic tile aperture processing

for how to deal with the problem of ceramic tile aperture, most decorate practice is pointing ( Also called caulking) , here is the construction of jointing:

1, jointing material

now commonly used jointing materials such as cement, jointing agent and putty powder, putty powder and white cement is more traditional caulking material, now mostly used in the culture of the balcony floor brick, brick many balcony when the shop is stuck is the direct use of ordinary cement mortar.

mainly because of putty powder, white cement waterproof performance, scrub resistance than jointing agent is less, now people use less, especially in the wall of hutch defends the ceramic tile of the ground, the sitting room ground is generally not used in jointing, choose the professional ceramic tile mostly filled seam an agent.

2, jointing agent type and select

now on the market of jointing agent for with and without sand sand, if the light is the shop is stuck and bo changes a brick wall brick, with no sand is more suitable; If the floor is inferior smooth brick, and archaize floor tile is suitable for use with sand.

the color selection of jointing agent also has two ways, one is close to the law, is to choose and close to the color of ceramic tile jointing agent, the second is the contrast method, selection and ceramic tile color contrast jointing agent.

3, the timing of the jointing to

general had better choose the ceramic tile ceramic tile jointing construction time after 24 hours after the completion of the shop is stuck, namely after ceramic tile dry solid. If pointing time too early, will cause the rugged loose or falls off phenomenon, and jointing, ceramic tile aperture must be removed.

ceramic tile gap filling necessary?

1, improve the aesthetic: gap filling agent, color is rich, and matte, light, metal effect, make a good addition to the ceramic tile shop is stuck, promote space aesthetic feeling.

2, health, environmental protection: the traditional brick seam shelter evil people and practices easily bacterium, caulking agent type epoxy resin materials, environmental health, when using can valid mouldproof.

3, reduce the brick seam problem: ceramic tile seam filling agent has good properties, such as waterproof, moistureproof, prevent infiltration, can effectively reduce tile yellow or black.

4, easy to clean: traditional ceramic tile aperture to the brush the black, and caulking agent after solidification surface smooth, non-stick oil, clean up and saves time and effort.

this is about tile and ceramic tile seam is to don't caulking related are introduced, hope can help to you.
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