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Why do caulking large ceramic tile and the dosage of the small ceramic tile is not the same?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Tile home had better not choose the seamless ceramic tile, after all, no ceramic tile is really can ensure no gap, and gap of the space is very important for ceramic tile. Caulking on if the tile is normal, do more to protect the use of ceramic tile, actually just do caulking has certain requirements of gap size, small big seam have difference. Ceramic tile aperture to have mm wide, and the depth of the mm above can do caulking, but why do you want to leave such a big gap to just go? Heat bilges cold shrink, ceramic tile: we all know that ceramic tile heat bilges cold shrink phenomenon happens, general ceramic tile aperture just keep this kind of situation, if the gap is too small, some ceramic tile wriggle through the earth will appear. If you want to do on caulking agent, the gap will be gap deeper and wider than normal, but do not exceed the mm width, otherwise the effect and dosage will be more than expected. , beautiful pursuit: most of the ceramic tile edges are not perfect connection, coupled with the manual error of the shop is stuck, gap is difficult to achieve uniform, to the pursuit of aperture is beautiful, set aside a certain width of crack is the most convenient, it also can guarantee a suitable width for caulking, also can let the gap filling effect is more beautiful. Based on these two points, the owner will master, please take more attention to when tile, but can also affect the depth and width of gap filling agent, the dosage of large ceramic tile also exist some differences between the small ceramic tile. In general, the same aperture size, large ceramic tile need caulking agent less than small ceramic tile, this is because the large ceramic tile gap left between to less than the small ceramic tile, ceramic tile of different specification will leave gaps of different sizes. X mm specifications of large ceramic tile, general advice mm above the width of the reserve, but no more than the mm; And x mm small ceramic tile, it is suggested that just leave mm; But there is a kind of special ceramic tile, is small specifications of the Mosaic tiles, must have mm above the gap, so that the effect of the present is obvious. All ceramic tile keep mm deep, otherwise the caulking depth is not enough, caulking agent can not easily stick ceramic tile, caused fall off.
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