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Why so popular second caulking agent now?

by:Kastar     2020-07-23
Now filled seam an agent why pop inferior smooth? In fact, the reason is very simple, because ceramic tile is popular inferior smooth. As a product of form a complete set, followed caulking tile is inevitable. Since last year, brands are main grey brick, light brick, archaize brick, and gray, gray series become mainstream. Gray, gray as the joker color, with any style of the decoration is harmonious. At the same time in living in adornment is low-key and inside collect, contracted and the atmosphere. In addition as a ground brick, grey brick, light brick is easy to do and clean, this is also the main reason for the popular. As a ceramic tile gap filling, the choice of most proper collocation these inferior smooth brick is filled seam an agent inferior smooth. Why do you say must be with inferior smooth inferior smooth brick caulking agent? That's because the luster of the conventional caulking agent on the degree of light, so bright luster to match - Degree of gloss inferior smooth brick is clearly not harmonious and abrupt. Various products of inferior smooth, you can reference caulking agent ten big brand color more, independently. What is inferior smooth caulking agent? On the gloss of it first, for different conventional caulking agent. Generally speaking, the luster is inferior smooth caulking agent in - Degrees or so. Another is color, with inferior smooth brick of the collocation of color is gray, gray, commonly sallowness, brown, etc. Inferior smooth caulking agent construction technology and general caulking agent is exactly the same, caulking teacher do well acquainted, construction efficiency is higher. The cost of materials is lower than the color sand caulking agent and higher than that of conventional caulking agent, the general owners can accept. Add at present on the market are popular inferior smooth brick, popular now so caulking agent matte is taken for granted!
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