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Why when ceramic tile seam? What kind of choice of caulking agent are there?

by:Kastar     2020-07-19
Maybe you have heard the caulking, but still would you do? Caulking agent small make up today to discuss with everybody, some knowledge about caulking. Caulking, understand from literal meaning is 'beautify the gap'. Why do you want to beautify the gap? Caulking here to explain why ceramic tile shop sticks seam. Seam is basically has the following several reasons:. Heat bilges cold shrink and stickup ceramic tile ceramic tile cement mortar will exist the problem of heat bilges cold shrink, if no seam, in the later is easy to appear the drum, the problem of craze. 。 Construction error floor tile need workers to have very high proficiency, but even deep qualifications teacher, artificial brick can't guarantee the shop is stuck in the process of every piece of brick when no error at all. So if not sew, it is difficult to guarantee the flat problem of ceramic tile juncture, affect the continuity of the ceramic tile shop sticks. 。 Even the same size error of ceramic tile, also cannot avoid the small size of the difference, such as length, straight Angle, simply does not exist the difference in size of ceramic tile is not there. No seams prone to the seams uneven when ceramic tile shop is stuck, affect beautiful. So, it is necessary to seam. Seam and then need to find ways to fill gaps in dirt or debris will help you to fill it, not only affect beautiful, but also is not very sanitary. Ceramic tile aperture to beautify, everyone is how to choose the caulking products? Caulking products in recent years how to change? Caulking agent evolution:. White cement haven't 'caulking' before this Monday, said caulking. The most commonly used to caulking is the white cement. The white cement as filled seam an agent, usually with a quartz sand increase strength and titanium dioxide added whitening. Low price, high whiteness, but easy to mildew, black, late show looks particularly dirty, affect beautiful. Now few people use, unless your bricklayer's special pit, it's not you that will give you white cement paste lane. 。 Caulking agent in white cement add other material on the basis of improvement, becomes the caulking agent. Caulking agent improved waterproof antifouling performance, there are also many colors to choose from. 。 Caulking agent caulking agent is on the basis of caulking agent again upgrade of product, the color is more, water proofing property is good, adornment sex and practical than caulking agent. The traditional caulking agent is not used alone, but needs to be coated on the surface of gap filling agent, protection of caulking agent can beautify the gap at the same time. Now the new caulking agent seam an agent do not need to fill in the foundation, can be used directly.
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