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Winter caulking construction, how to avoid excess stock difficult to clean up the problem?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Soon this year for the last solar term, the winter solstice. The winter solstice, which means the coldest winter season is coming, it also means the caulking construction difficult also to rise further. Because caulking construction are greatly influenced by the temperature of construction, in the cold winter, a slightly do not pay attention to, the construction process will appear all sorts of problems. Recently, the problem of caulking received high proportion is clear more than expected. Clear excess stock in general, qualified product caulking grout should be able to do a tear up. Excess stock, on the other hand, the full extent is the owners can intuitive see caulking a link in the process of product quality. If to remove excess material is too fragile, to remove both laborious and incomplete, be owner see owner will doubt gap filling the quality of the products, caulking division is not easy to explain to the owners. Winter construction is difficult, but to avoid the problems still need to avoid it. A, the causes of caulking product curing time may change with the temperature changes. Generally speaking, the winter construction of caulking can be completely cured and the next day to remove excess stock. And if the temperature drop of the night, caulking curing environment has also changed, it is easy to cause the change of curing, resulting in brittle situation on both sides of the remaining material. Another case, after the completion of the construction for caulking that are not in a timely manner to wipe out the remaining material. In the absence of the weather, the - Genius to root out, and the remaining material already cured for a period of time, not only the winter temperature changes are faster, under the dual effects of low temperature and curing, the remaining material is brittle. Second, how to avoid this problem to avoid to remove excess stock had this problem, caulking division needs more attention in the process of construction construction temperature, time to ensure construction temperature in the temperature range. And to maintain the temperature, and the place where caulking teacher need effort. Wax, ahead of time because of the uncertainty of the winter construction temperature, also good for caulking remaining material cleaning, skilled caulking division during winter construction, no matter what material of ceramic tile, will play wax in aperture place on both sides. Wax to make ceramic tile surface is smooth, can be more convenient when wipe out the remaining material, also reduces the likelihood of remaining material become finely. Caulking, heating products before construction, must first guarantee the temperature of caulking products, the best construction temperature ℃ - caulking ℃, so in below ℃ construction environment, will caulking products heated to proper temperature. Caulking product heating method is generally for soaking method. Put ℃ - caulking products Soak - ℃ hot water Minutes after soaking normal caulking construction could be carried out. But too cold in winter construction, may caulking construction products after a period of time due to temperature is difficult to play again. So usually in winter construction, skilled caulking division will be in construction after a period of time, will fill in sewing products out from under the glue guns, soak in hot water again for a period of time. So we can ensure the caulking products is in a state of relatively constant temperature, to ensure the stability of caulking. Construction environment, the constant temperature is not only a gap filling products, construction environment also needs to have a constant temperature. Due to the thermal conductivity of ceramic tile is stronger, the surface of the ceramic tile in winter temperature is far below room temperature, it is bad for caulking curing of the products. So not only is a caulking products require heating, construction environment also need certain heating. Can't open the floor heating during the construction, furniture, also have the door so winter caulking division need to bring a heater, to improve the overall construction environment temperature and the temperature on the surface of ceramic tile, there is an optimum gap filling products curing temperature. , clean up the remaining material winter caulking construction on time, must be on time to clean up the remaining material in the home owner. In the clean up the remaining material, in order to ensure the integrity of the remaining material, more than can be expected of a head with a shovel knife scooping up gently, then clean up whole. Fire makes sweet malt, when the owner to see the full remaining material, also for caulking expressed satisfaction with the quality of the product. Third, why some products can be easily removed? For winter caulking products will appear more qualified material embrittlement phenomenon, there are a few businessmen in the promotion of their products, as their own products, I will even in winter also won't appear problem remaining material removed. After some caulking t test is true, and this kind of gap filling product price is to much less qualified products, so in the winter, caulking division will also choose this kind of product do caulking. Little imagine, in the back of a good to remove excess stock, hidden nonylphenol is this kind of material. Phenol, also known as nonyl phenol. Is a kind of important fine chemical raw materials and intermediates, appearance is colorless or light yellow liquid at room temperature, with phenol odour. Nonylphenol is added in the caulking product, can make caulking easy construction, at the same time increase the frost resistance of caulking products, not easily affected by the temperature during curing, convenient caulking to remove excess material. But nonylphenol is a recognized environmental hormones, it can simulate the female hormone, impact on biological sexual development, and biological endocrine disturbance, is toxic to the reproductive system. At the same time, nonylphenol can pass the food chain in organisms accumulate constantly, so the research has shown that even if emission concentration is very low, is also extremely dangerous. So, choose caulking product, must choose normal manufacturer of formal product factory. In construction, as far as possible to control the temperature of caulking construction best temperature, wipe out the remaining material carefully some, also can avoid the winter excess stock too brittle. Ceramic tile seam filling grout in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, after six years of development, the successful became a set research and development, production, sales, construction as one of the large gap filling building materials enterprises. Across the country has a large modern production base, shandong jinan, nanjing, jiangsu, anhui ma on shan. In wuhan, central China headquarters, xuzhou east China headquarters big operational headquarters, respectively. Chain business, several service centers, more than 1 caulking a second-tier cities across the country.
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