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Winter ceramic tile seam filling agent construction tips

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
'To of cathode, sun be the spirit be valid, day, on the south, short to long shadow, so yue' winter solstice '. The winter solstice is a important solar term in Chinese lunar calendar, it is one of the earliest developed in the 24 solar terms. The ancients thought since the beginning of the winter solstice, the day a day than the last, the sun be the spirit picks up, the sun be the spirit of heaven and earth began to xingfa gradually strong, representing the next cycle, is a fine day. The winter solstice is across the northern hemisphere daylight on the shortest day of the year. After the winter solstice, the sun point-blank point gradually moving north, in the northern hemisphere gradually longer during the day, noon the sun is rising. So, as the saying goes, 'eat the winter solstice, a long line. Start the 'bitter' on the winter solstice, the winter solstice has become the first day of the 'bitter'. About 'bitter', the folk songs of it this way: matters, don't sell ErJiu, keep on, 49 walk on the ice, had been, LiuJiu see willow, along the river seven JiuHe open, to yan, Yang added pieces of cattle and go everywhere. Winter solstice is the opportunity of preserve one's health, mainly because of 'gas began in winter'. Because from the beginning of the winter, life activity begins to turn by failure, by static rotation. Now science health help ensure exuberant energy and prevent premature aging, prolong life. Winter solstice diet should be diverse, valley, fruit, meat, vegetable &fruit reasonable collocation, appropriate chooses high calcium food. Around the winter solstice has different customs, in most parts of northern China has the custom of the winter solstice eat dumplings. Winter solstice through thousands of years development, has formed the unique seasonal diet culture. Eat dumplings become the custom of most Chinese winter solstice. The winter solstice comes, cold and cold air activities more frequently. The temperature changed repeatedly, also has certain influence for caulking agent construction. Small make up to know, recently there are many customers to come to consultation: really come in winter, the weather is so cold, caulking what else can I do? Construction effect will not be affected by a certain? For winter caulking construction may appear some problems, when jay caulking specially for you prepared a 'winter construction tips' ceramic tile gap filling agent, hope to bring you a warm in cold winter! Temperature gap filling products: due to the low temperature in winter, caulking agent becomes thick, not easy to play with glue gun, so need to heat the caulking agent in winter, the product into the hot water bubble over ten minutes. In construction of ground temperature: the temperature requirement is higher, need above degrees Celsius above zero. In order to achieve the best effect of caulking, if the indoor temperature is low, can adopt measures to heat up. Product curing: winter low temperature, product cure time, extend, excess stock removal time should be appropriately extended, the specific time as the case may be. Humidity region: southern rainy and wet, although relatively dry in the winter, but winter fog is more, the indoor humidity is very big still. So at the time of construction, small make up recommend everyone must keep the environment of dry. To pay attention to the closed room, construction and metope water wipe clean. If gap moisture is too heavy, can open air conditioning or use hair dryer to blow dry. The weather in the north is dry, such as general ceramic tile drying can construction for a period of time. Dry degree standard: brick seam dryness index is in accordance with the construction, main inspection standard is in brick joints of dust present state: if the present state of dust, began to consider after crack-cleaning and sequence steps; Or wait a few days, such as crack, dry thoroughly before considering construction process. Curing and curing time: in addition, at the end of the construction of caulking materials before curing, also to ensure that the materials don't contact with moisture. As above, winter low temperature lead to caulking agent curing time increases slightly, so for' target='_blank'>caulking gun a full dry curing time. Grace and compared to the south, the north dry occupied the advantage of ceramic tile gap filling, but to be reckoned with in the north wind. Some owners might think that under the condition of ventilation for caulking dry, so at the end of the construction, open the Windows 'fresh air'. Little imagine, winter of cooling air is heavier, it is easy to fill in seam an agent when solidification cracks, seriously affected the beautiful, even will produce the phenomenon such as fall off. As a result, small make up recommend around caulking, as far as possible do not use the Windows wide open, so as not to affect the final gap filling effect. If all the details for product quality and construction of nearly perfect, but because of product quality closes nevertheless, all the efforts are in vain! Even cause irreversible catastrophe such as ceramic tile BengCi burst. So gap filling product selection is the key! Ceramic tile gap filling product quality is uneven in the market, be sure to choose reliable quality brands. Don't cry because it is a lapse in wrong products affect the quality of decoration, destroyed the New Year's day good mood. When jay ceramic tile seam filling grout products is your best choice. By adopting high-grade raw materials, has its own research and development team, has a thorough understanding of caulking products, and has been dedicated to the production of green environmental protection product caulking. Mr Jie series product has strong toughness and patience, rich and bright color, pure natural, and through the authority detection, does not contain any harmful substances. When jay with a passing on originality and gratitude to give back to society, to protect the health and development of every family.
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