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Winter construction needs to know the ceramic tile of caulking agent matters needing attention

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
Jie always adhere to the production of green environmental protection products, focus on advanced production technology, perfect after-sale system, all for family health, for customer satisfaction. Heavy snow solar term, indicates the temperature will significantly drop, the more cold weather. The weather is cold, caulking, the more difficult it is to do the material is not easy to play, ceramic tile seam filling agent problem such as curing time is long, need caulking earnestly to grasp. For caulking division, it is definitely a challenge. The weather is getting cold, when jay caulking call your attention to add clothes to keep warm, at the same time to the problem of heating ceramic tile seam filling grout jie caulking to professional disambiguation for you, and give constructive Suggestions. Why difficult to type ceramic tile gap filling agent for winter? How to solve? composed of epoxy resin and curing agent. Low winter temperatures, especially in the north, according to the principle of heat bilges cold shrink, the A and B tube material viscosity increased, thus material internal pressure, the piston at the bottom of the resistance will increase, so the gap filling agent is hard to play. Caulking material shrinking when it meets cold hit hard, affect the caulking construction process, and even lead to damage of glue guns, caulking material tube, etc. In order to solve this problem, you need to ceramic tile seam filling agent for heat treatment. Common practice is to place caulking materials serving the bucket of water, with heat treatment soon. Ceramic tile seam filling grout is heated slowly melting, smaller resistance, and easy to play. However, epoxy resin is very sensitive to temperature, temperature is very low, suddenly heating, leads to unstable performance of epoxy resin; Longer soaking is not stable, easy to appear products backflow phenomenon, and accompanied by the emergence of the pellet impurity; Temperature is too high, it is easy to cause loose not easy on the wall, leak adhesive and so on. The ceramic tile of the poor quality of caulking gun temperature will also present mass thin, not sticky. Caulking architect or owner before buying caulking material, can observe ceramic tile seam filling agent quality, ensure the quality of the product. Caulking grout construction in winter, ceramic tile seam filling agent need this professional heating! When jay caulking focus production high quality product of green environmental protection, series product has strong toughness and patience, rich and bright color, pure natural, does not contain any harmful substances. Jie jointing a passing on originality and gratitude to give back to society, to protect the health and development of every family. First: the product of hot water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, generally in ℃ - ℃. 's temperature is different, different brand product specific soaking temperature can consulting purchased products manufacturers, and water temperature in ℃ - jie caulking requirements ℃ between. The second: product soak hot water shoulds not be too long, generally in - Minutes. Different brand products soak time is different, specific soak time can consulting purchased products manufacturers, and immersion time to - jie caulking requirements Minutes advisable. Third: product not whole submerged soak, and soak one side only, not cause uneven heating products, there may be granular texture, type ceramic tile seam filling agent is not smooth, easily and color distribution. Heating ceramic tile gap filling agent, for the temperature and long, caulking division to hold properly. On the issue of the temperature, when jay caulking was concerned about a lot of caulking concern of the architect or owner, finishing as follows: what heating way, ceramic tile gap filling agent, many teachers are soaked with hot water to solve the problem of heating ceramic tile gap filling agent, of course, there are other ways to choose from. Such as heating blanket, hair dryer, small solar heaters, etc. But upon examination, it is easy to heat unevenly, the effect is not very ideal. If caulking teacher to take the above method to heat, must grasp the ceramic tile heating temperature and gap filling agent evenness. , below freezing, ceramic tile seam filling agent will freeze? Winter in the north, the general indoor temperature will be above zero. If the temperature is too low, caulking teacher can heating measures, assure indoor temperature, so that the gap filling construction, ceramic tile seam filling agent curing. Good quality ceramic tile seam filling agent containing anti-freeze material, won't be freezing. For convenient use, the product is better to present, it is recommended that the ceramic tile seam filling agent store in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse, optimum temperature ℃ - ℃. Heating will explode, ceramic tile gap filling agent? Because ceramic tile seam filling agent is a chemical reagent, after heating, we worry about there will be a chemical reaction, even an explosion. This shows that people's safety consciousness is very strong. Ceramic tile seam filling agent within the scope of the right temperature to heat up, won't explosion. When heated, but avoid the extrusion collision caused by deformation of ceramic tile gap filling agent, the phenomenon such as leak adhesive. Why, after heating, product slants thin, hanging wall flow? Ceramic tile seam filling agent heating temperature is too high, or construction site temperature is too high, is likely to lead to ceramic tile seam filling agent in epoxy resin viscosity sharply reduced, the ceramic tile seam filling agent slants thin, sag.
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