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Winter decoration: gather the right place, right time and at the same time, still need to pay attention to some details decorate

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Unlike decorate busy season of spring and autumn period, decorate appear a little cold in winter. But it is also during this period, decorate a company tend to be open at the end of the kick off mode, introduced various discount package decorating, the building materials product will also have a lot of discount on discount activity. Not only that, because the owner that decorate is not much, designers and decoration workers will have more time for decoration service, the quality of the decoration will rise a lot. Though winter is decorated, there are many benefits, but due to the climate, the winter when decorating, the owners also need to pay attention to the following aspects, reduce the decoration repair rate. Pay attention to ceramic tile shop sticks when the temperature and humidity of ceramic tile shop is stuck there is a standard of construction. Generally speaking, the construction needs in ℃ temperature above construction. Because is containing water in the cement mortar, the temperature is too low, the moisture inside the cement mortar will freeze, this makes the concrete construction process with tiles together. If do not pay attention to the room temperature, after ceramic tile shop sticks well, these were part of frozen is very easy to cause the phenomenon of empty drum ceramic tile. In addition, the ceramic tile of bibulous rate is relatively large, before the official start of the pavement, must give appropriate soak time, let the moisture inside the ceramic tile to the saturated state of the construction. Cold winter temperatures, morning and night temperature difference is bigger, have central heating area temperature difference is bigger. In order to prevent ceramic tile for the action of heat bilges cold shrink and the arch, BengCi phenomenon, winter laying bricks, heated room tiles need to set aside enough gap for ceramic tile. Leave a seam is enough big, but also to the decorative effect of caulking. Caulking decoration industry is a rising star, it is able to solve the problem of ceramic tile aperture dirty black, for owner to save a lot of housework time; Its appearance is beautiful, color variety, can match with all kinds of ceramic tile more lining out the temperament of ceramic tile, let whole decorate effect is more outstanding. Man-made board construction to man-made board is when decorate it with more material, because they are basically woodiness material, so during storage and construction more easily affected by the temperature and humidity. During storage man-made board at ordinary times, need to place them in the open air, wet or low temperature environment, prevent them from deformation, moldy. If man-made board need construction, you may need to shift to an earlier date a few days to decorate the room, make it adapt to indoor humidity and temperature, cutting, will be more convenient to install. Because the woodiness material will be heat bilges cold shrink, in winter for Mosaic work, also need to set aside some gap, let man-made board when the weather warms up or owners use central heating in a certain scale space. Prevent a plank by temperature difference of dramatic change, between extrusion deformation phenomenon. Coatings, caulking construction should be strictly winter is decorated, also can have certain effect for coatings. Low winter temperatures, paint is not easy to dry thoroughly. So winter when brush coating is not brushed too thickly, need a layer of dry thoroughly before will be able to continue with the next layer, or prone to cracking and peeling. Coating is not easy to dry, winter construction personnel during construction need to have patience. Caulking grout products as jelly, is also need to be aware of when in winter construction. The right temperature in ℃ - caulking construction Between ℃, the winter temperature is too low, need to be done before the construction of caulking iron materials processing. Use ℃ - Soak - between ℃ warm water Minutes, caulking products can begin construction. In addition, the ceramic tile surface temperature in the winter is low, caulking products will appear because of ceramic tile temperature too low and the situation of the remaining material brittle. At this point, the needs of ceramic tile aperture in front of glue on both sides in a thick layer of caulking wax, let caulking there is a transition layer between products and ceramic tile. Winter the curing speed of caulking products will be slightly slowed, average time in hours. During curing, should be closed all the doors and Windows, prevent the rain and snow and cool weather affect curing caulking products. If more than hours, caulking is not dry, shows it a caulking problems in construction, should be timely screening reason and do repair work. Pay attention to fire prevention construction will be piled up large amount of flammable items, such as sheet metal in the process of the construction will be cut this kind of plate, lead to sawdust throughout the preparation condition. Winter climate is dry, the not properly deal with wood chips, is a great deal of fire hazards. In addition, during decorating can use all kinds of high-power electrical appliances. Especially early in the decoration, the owner often leave a socket for the use of construction personnel. The construction personnel will need to use all kinds of socket to meet the demand of their construction, so the room will be full of all kinds of wire, leaving some hidden dangers. When the winter is decorated, should first put good, the wood chips and other decoration rubbish properly in the daily construction after the completion of the decoration inside the village along with all refuse to designated location. Use high-power electrical appliances, should do not keep the socket, electrical power is good habits. In decorating a construction site, also don't smoke, prevent sparks. In one thousand, the construction site should prepare some dry powder fire extinguishers. If you encounter an emergency, can use the fire extinguisher emergency treatment, while dial to the professionals dealing with the fire in time. Decorate understanding above considerations, the owner in the winter when decorating, can little detours, harvest their favorite decorate a style. And don't forget the caulking when decorate, the collocation of caulking and ceramic tile can let owner experience different adornment effect. 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