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Xuzhou, east villas: golden ceramic tile gap filling agent and the fusion of archaize brick, more show Europe type amorous feelings

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
Archaize brick, with its exquisite texture and durable properties of popular in close to a period of time. It is durable anti-fouling, design and color is rich, can meet the needs of many of the owners to decorate a style to diversification. Especially for Europe type style, contracted and expensive gas, can into the style of archaize brick. Ceramic tile seam filling agent as decorations beautification ceramic tile aperture, nature also can and the integration of the ceramic tile of diversification, decorate a style. Although gold is one of popular color, but only reasonable collocation, golden also can match the other Europe type amorous feelings. Brunet archaize brick and gold-plating - — Today to unite as a sample of the ceramic tile gap filling agent, from xuzhou east villas, ceramic tile seam filling agent with a total area of ㎡. All the shop is stuck with the ceramic tile in the home owner is archaize brick, the floor tile of all ( In addition to the bathroom) As a kind of archaize brick. Brown antique way of grain and a diamond shop is stuck, make whole room is full of infinite extension of feeling and sense. Under this kind of bright eye of ceramic tile, the color is more bright eye owners use lutetium gold. Although lutetium gold with diamonds, gold color, but is somewhat show delicate on the sequins. Exquisite color is in conformity with the temperament of archaize brick. Through lutetium gold decoration dark archaize brick, ceramic tile gap filling agent of archaize brick pattern on collocation, highlights the connection between every brick in the face. The collocation of brown and golden not special, both the temperament of of primitive simplicity with archaize brick itself, but also through the bright lutetium gold show ou low-key elegant features. At the same time, due to the nature of sequins color, the effect of the sun and cloudy effect is distinct. Cloudy day give overall archaize brick texture primitive simplicity, sunny weather to give archaize brick European atmosphere. Toilet USES the waist line segmentation, whole metope in the waist line is still above the atmosphere of the diamond light color decorative pattern archaize brick pavement type, below is the cyan imitation stone archaize brick. Although the two ceramic tile color is different, but through the waist line, lutetium gold variety of ceramic tile gap filling agent is tie-in, can make whole toilet also continue to send out proper qualities of archaize brick itself. Light color archaize brick and shallow gold - — Graceful and restrained elegant with brunet floor tile as adornment that grabs an eye, quietly elegant of wall brick to compare some as a whole. Based on the principle of window unfavorable and overmuch, the theme of the owner to a pale gold as the wall brick color. A small sequins color is light golden, is golden, but the color shallow, there is a kind of tender feeling. Archaize brick with light color photograph collocation, can with archaize brick to another phase of design and color of the lining, also won't because of too make public a presumptuous guest usurps the host's role. Kitchen and dining-room metope pattern is relatively simple, archaize brick itself, the white line with shallow gold ceramic tile seam filling grout collocation also won't appear particularly jarring. Both diamond shop is stuck and general way of the shop is stuck is able to reflect the temperament of of primitive simplicity, archaize brick itself of light color can let a ceramic tile seam filling agent itself has certain streamlined lines, make the whole one side wall to unity. The transition of wall brick and floor tile to make administrative levels to decorate the whole. Gold-plating with shallow gold ceramic tile gap filling grout, just can use golden is variety collocation, the characteristics of different patterns of archaize brick overall fit together, and let the whole has a cohesive proper transition. Collocation let metope archaize brick wall brick light gold much a graceful and restrained temperament, the transition to the ground, the collocation of floor archaize brick and gold-plating let whole added a few minutes from the graceful and restrained amorous feelings of of primitive simplicity and European traditional atmosphere. This color is applied, the simple but regimented, is better one interpretation of Europe type style. If the home use archaize brick also have such a large area, and as the Europe type style, decorate a style to might as well also choose to use golden series ceramic tile gap filling agent as a transitional home decorate a style. Ceramic tile seam filling agent has on the market most of the gold is the product of ceramic tile gap filling agent champagne gold, ivory, gold are both shallow the color of the gold is relatively popular among, diamonds, gold is also many of the owners can choose golden is universal. In addition, the choice of water porcelain owners still have a chance to unlock more gold is a custom color. Make the ceramic tile seam filling agent in the home more rich individual character, more full of aesthetic feeling. Ceramic tile seam filling agent in founded in Kowloon, Hong Kong, has created over time. 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