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Xuzhou - My field, my home

by:Kastar     2020-07-20
Years, wuhan city the first day, the outbreak of the first months, legal and return to work the first day, the national 'pneumonia' the number of confirmed cases, death. Must have a lot of people get up every day, the first thing is to pick up the phone, open the news, the heart is the latest progress of the outbreak of the front, looking forward to the inflection point of experts mouth miraculously woke up this morning, looking forward to see new drug research and development success. Confirmed, suspected, an uptick in the number of severe cases, death, these cold Numbers behind, is a real man with temperature, is end of life. This is a set of tragedy, anxiety, and epidemic 'inflection point' before, and have to face a number. How much will eventually stopped at these figures, it is destined to happen much sensitized, life and death to leave. Can't help but think of takeshi kitano that sentence: 'disaster and twenty thousand people in such a thing is not dead, but died a person in this matter, happened twenty thousand times. 'No one dared go out easily, even out of the door are wearing masks, nervous, one meter distance as if separated by the long march. The shops are locked doors on both sides of the street, when to open and remote. Community closed, road closures, rail service, under the epidemic through together into the most luxurious thing. The scenes: the embrace of mother and daughter from a distance; Video married lovers; Across the protective glass cheer of father and son; In a hospital, but accidentally meet because of the protective clothing fails to Joseph doctor husband and wife. That one: chartered ship the mask of Kenya's ethnic Chinese; Obligation organization medical hotel wuhan girl; Collective minus the hair nurses; Terrible blood soldier; Why, often with tears in my eyes, because I love this land of deep. You have seen every closed door, the village set up checked posts, the self-conscious wearing a mask of the scene. You must have never seen a party secretary want to into the village, blocked by the villagers village QuanFan scenario. You must not see the Chinese New Year not relatives, telephone already stop. It is this universal consciousness, the united front, the family unity, just let us have bottom spirit believes that the arrival of the inflection point. Xuzhou as a strategic position, the countless times in the history of war, as essential to the Yellow River into the sea, also many times in the history of devastating floods, the local lords, but, the so-called hard development, the xuzhou after the catastrophe, and off several times, leading the development of regional economy. As xuzhou, I am proud! As xuzhou people put the longest since a vacation, a lot of people like me, must miss a tavern, and friends to get-together hot barbecue booth, crowded street, rich countries high yan xi sweet tea. Even bargain shopping, crowded bus, from west to east heping road, that they may encounter of fireworks, that don't have people coming back one meter, once have not cherish every day 'free'! 'After the outbreak of most want to do one thing? 'See some up the message, let me feel warm and distant, happy and sad. I want to be the first rushed downstairs to breakfast stand, eat steamed stuffed bun, hot soup, and Fried dough sticks, pancake fruit. 。 。 。 。 'Boss, two two steamed stuffed bun a bowl of soup! 'Eat rice noodle in the morning, noon take a meat, mutton string in the evening, evening to eat hot pot, Fried dough sticks spicy dry tofu in the morning, sit Shared. Is head cut two times a month, is now two months duck was not hurt, the first thing to do is come out from the meteor garden. Before going to the Yellow River saemaul undong clock haven't eaten all the web celebrity snacks, beside qinhuai Fried string, old two Fried chicken fillet, guo ji zhu all on fire. Out to people rich garden night feel real people! Which more people went to which drill is queuing is happy! Find a don't close the sidewalk snack booth, and a few brother beer, BBQ, crayfish, call pepper, big drops of oil, chit chat each other, and have a chat not over of topic, sit in the morning is not worried about being bullied out! To queue huiyuan eat Fried dough sticks spicy soup, it doesn't matter, then go next door to buy eggs bread and baking grim, must add pork floss! Odor when fool meat every barbecue, rice noodle, 18 street lotus frog fish, jia wang food pancakes, 2 barbecue, youth ramen, peaceful Kan shredded chicken noodles, small arms liangpi, butyl three board face, forget it! Hungry wake up! Go to Peng Yuan to see cherry blossoms, missed last year, you can't miss this year. Ride slowly up a zhongshan road, look at the most prosperous place, xuzhou feel the central axis of the xuzhou! Carry the old-fashioned snacks to visit for a long time not see grandma and grandpa, with their reading yellowed photographs, listening to them talk about the story of previous generations. Would like to see this era hero, a bow, bow deeply himself said to them a chance to say 'thank you! 'And' hard! 'It turns out that those who let a person cannot help crazy moment, those humble in the life of the little things, did not form a xuzhou beautiful appearance. Please visit older and death of embrace, they will let you know: originally, alive, is so important.
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