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You are from good caulking agent effect is only a guide

by:Kastar     2020-07-22
【 When jay advantage 】 : the emphasis on quality, focus on environmental protection, efficient service. When jay caulking gun always adhere to the production of green environmental protection products, focus on advanced production technology, perfect after-sale system, all for family health, for customer satisfaction. Recently a friend think a caulking, easy and fun, want to DIY do caulking. So small make up with the professional point of view, to do for your comb of the basic elements of caulking. First of all, the correct attitude, are determined. Efforts to not haggard exhaustion, but have light in your eye. The love of a thing is the basic condition of a thing well done. Both friends DIY caulking on a whim, and caulking work conscientiously, represents the achievement they want a work eagerly desire. Have passion to do their best. Second, the preparation work to do. To do a good job, must first sharpen his device. Has a perfect weapon, but way, get twice the result with half the effort. Below small make up to show your professional caulking tools and the matters needing attention when using. Caulking construction tools generally have glue guns, mixing tube, clean shovel knife, caulking wax, seam pressure tools, scraper, crepe paper, pen knife, sponge, cloth, gloves, shoe covers, brush, vacuum cleaner, heating rods, etc. Tools should be unified, to ensure the construction process of neat, efficient and convenient. Toolkit for joining caulking division is equipped with glue gun glue guns, as the name implies, is to make glue. From force classification: manual glue guns, pneumatic glue guns, electric glue gun. From plastic packaging form classification: unit and a two-component. Caulking construction is commonly a two-component glue gun. A two-component glue guns: used to play at the same time two adhesive glue gun. Considerations before formal play seam, and need about ml caulking material, mix evenly, so as to guarantee the caulking agent does not affect the effect of caulking. Mixing tube and ceramic tile surface as much as possible at the seam vertical for caulking grout can full of cracks, uniform while walking, good grasp of the intensity and frequency for caulking gun uniform flow. If there is a ceramic tile seam filling agent is bad hit they couldn't even play the phenomenon, consider the following reasons: bad, some cheap glue gun, not effort. So suggest to buy professional high quality glue guns. , ceramic tile seam filling agent place time is too long, so bad. So it is recommended that the owner or caulking buy caulking gun before carefully check the production date, it is best to use the recent production of big brand gap filling agent. , if the weather temperature is very low, colloid can appear slightly freezing phenomenon is difficult to play. So suggest construction personnel before construction with hot blisters or other feasible methods to heating the caulking agent. Personal DIY caulking is rich and colorful, simple operational in theory, but is difficult to practice in reality. If you plan to engage in joint industry, can take part in the training, through professional training and practice of construction skills by leaps and bounds, and more mature. For those who are lovers of DIY complex, advised to choose a regular construction team for caulking, can negotiate with caulking division selectively participate in the construction process, to experience the fun of caulking construction and is not easy, efficient and orderly and caulking construction, material and time reasonably. Is the most important thing must choose quality excellent gap filling grout, can make all the efforts not in vain!
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