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You do not know the ceramic tile of caulking construction of 6 what is myth?

by:Kastar     2020-07-24
Do some caulking, ceramic tile aperture gap filling operation, looks like glue simple? Believe that many owners have such idea. As you would on online video wallpaper to home. In fact, when doing the caulking, many steps have a point, the operation of the can't take it for granted! If you are not yourself do ceramic tile gap filling, at home is please be professional construction master, so this article is also very practical. Can use these points to help the owner inspection caulking agent construction professionalism; Caulking construction must be done according to the steps, the correct order is: crack-cleaning, stick or playing caulking wax crepe paper glue, glue, seam pressure, a shovel, just at the time of operation is also prone to error. 。 Direct construction do not clear gap gap filling, ceramic tile aperture must clean up, don't have obvious dust and water damage. Some owners get very excited after gap filling agent, no clear immediately construction. At this time, the gap in a lot of dust, some very damp, there are obvious traces of caulking. Caulking agent can appear in it, pale, fall off, and so on and so forth, is very serious. 。 Gap cleaning the deeper, the better the crack not only to keep clean, also should have certain depth, the ceramic tile aperture best depth in mm or so. Many owners are worried about the depth of the crack is not enough, caulking agent falls off easily, but the adhesion of caulking agent not only has asked to the depth, the gap on either side of the clean degree also have requirements. Gap, is, the more the demand for gap filling agent, also increased the difficulty of the crack-cleaning. 。 Ceramic tile stick good immediately after caulking tile just good, crack in the clean and dry, very suitable for the caulking, but many owners in ceramic tile just stick a good start to do caulking. Should wait until good ceramic tile stick completely dry before caulking, just stick good at the bottom of the ceramic tile is damper, may affect curing of caulking agent. 。 Surface roughness of the surface of the ceramic tile glue directly smooth ceramic tile can direct construction glue, surface roughness of ceramic tile, need to paste, crepe paper or sealant caulking on wax. But many owners think it too troublesome, or don't know what kind of ceramic tile to rough surface, hence directly make gum, the result finally destroy glazed ceramic tile gap filling agent, can root out directly. 。 Play needs to wait for the adhesive seam pressure immediately after gel filled seam an agent to precipitate later seam pressure, so as to ensure that there is plenty of caulking agent into the gap, to avoid waste of gap filling agent, the pressure out of the flat aperture. But if after glue immediately seam pressure, probably a lot of caulking agent as being taken away by seam pressure tool, only a small amount of in aperture. 。 The seam pressure immediately spade shovel adhesive is divided into two cases, one is posted, crepe paper is a kind of wax or directly make gum. Both of which can't press the seam immediately shovel gum, colloidal not stem, will crack the shovel off together. With the crepe paper can be torn off after the glue of minutes, wax and direct glue, caulking agent such as need to shovel adhesive cured totally.
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