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Your complete caulking construction, how hard is it?

by:Kastar     2020-07-21
For most of the owners, bridal chamber is decorated is their fresh experience of a lifetime. Therefore, most of them will want to do some things in their own ability to scope. Basic, that is, to all kinds of furniture of choose and buy building materials, advanced some, may design the whole surface rendering. Of course, to participate in a few steps decorating also is one of their choice, such as paint the walls and late, wallpaper, soft outfit, and so on. Caulking as an emerging industry, in the eyes of the owner, that is the gap filling into the gap, and then pressure flatten off the material construction. So, there's a lot of owner are going to decorate the caulking as his own experience. However, caulking really as simple as owners think? Little imagine, the owner is decorated in the caulking, have to go through this a few different checkpoints. Fill material shut tile seam an grout market has yet to have a unified standard, caulking quality of the products on the market price difference is also obvious, quality is uneven. Some small workshops product caulking, flaunting the banner of affordable, with some inferior materials to produce low-cost caulking products. The owner can't recognize, it is easy to be cheated. Some caulking manufacturer, specializing in the production of some white tube joint sealant products, then each big brand of generic label on it. Don't understand caulking brand owner, nature will also be the shanzhai confused eyes, bought improper caulking products. Even if the owner scudamore survived the above two kinds of traps, but in the rest of the regular caulking brand, quality, environmental protection degree between caulking plumpness, color is also there will be a gap, and the difference of this part is not fully reflected in caulking on the price of the product. The owner if you want to pick up a caulking of word of mouth is good product, it will be like the choose and buy other building materials, in circles about ahead of time, lock a brand through official channels again after purchase. Construction GuanZhiQing joint owner very not easy to choose the right gap filling materials, to start construction, but never expected caulking construction is also a beginning. Caulking effect can good, clean up has a lot to do with the early stage of the crack. Believe the owners will also read some caulking construction video in prophase, feel with the shovel in aperture clear both sides will be able to clean up. But the owners have not thought of your own home. Depending on the brick paving master crafts, decoration environment, internal may produce many of ceramic tile aperture. Such as inside toilet, ceramic tile aperture can clean up when the owner construction dust or mud, description gap and internal water right now, can't be for caulking. , such as cement brick shop when the teacher is more, cracks inside is dry cement, clean up will be more difficult. All of these cases, are not under the light with the shovel knife strokes two can solve the problem. Owners need to deep gap on both sides of The Times, to the dirty things on both sides of the shovel. This test is not just the owner of the degree of care, stubborn cement is also the owner's patience in degree. Manual shut tile proportion in the decoration is more all the time, so the owner will not less the ceramic tile in the home area. So many area, in the case of the owners are not familiar with the construction, squatting on the ground do ten minutes of caulking, it is possible to let owner feels tired. What's more, waiting for the owner and the whole is a wall, a ground of ceramic tile aperture. And, in the gap after the cleaning, owner and glue, seam pressure, material and so on a series of caulking construction. Better glue guns are iron glue guns, combined with the weight of the gap filling the product itself, the weight of the need to mention it. Plus glue gun in the process of promoting caulking products, also need to give certain pressure, glue is also a physical labor. Crack-cleaning had some back pain before the owners, probably in both hands, shoulders and some soreness after the glue. After completion of the crack-cleaning and glue, the owner may think finally not to force, but it is not, pressure is also a physical labor. Because is the purpose of the seam pressure to press the caulking completely into the gap, and the gap of caulking and completely separated from the remaining material, so that excess stock is good clean, caulking is slightly below the surface, prolong the service life of caulking. This set of caulking construction down, actually need owner to spend considerable strength and energy. Go to work even if the owner, or don't try caulking on weekdays. Thus, the owner want to finish a set of independent caulking construction, or more difficult. To understand the owners want to participate in the heart of caulking, but professional construction or to the professional people to do good. If the owner needs to participate in, can contact caulking division in construction, to select the desired color caulking gun, or you can custom color list, let her home caulking more full of personality.
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