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What is the development prospect of the silicone sealant industry?

What is the development prospect of the silicone sealant industry?


Many people may find that the use of silicone sealants has become more and more popular in recent years, and they ask: Is the development prospect of the silicone sealant industry really so broad? Please follow in the footsteps of KASTAR to find out!


Silicone sealant is a sealant made of polydimethylsiloxane as the main raw material, adding plasticizers, catalysts and fillers and other auxiliary agents under vacuum. Because of its strong adhesive force, high tensile strength, weather-resistance, vibration-resistance, moisture-resistance, adaptability to large changes in cold and heat, easy construction, and its wide range of scene applicability (the main application of silicone sealant In the field of bonding and sealing of glass, ceramics, wood, rubber, plastic, metal and other building materials, high-end products can also be used in electronics, energy, automobiles, ships, rail transit, instrumentation, aerospace, military and other fields), It can achieve bonding between most common building materials, Therefore, it is of great application value.


In the global market, the silicone sealant industry in developed countries such as Europe and the United States started earlier, and large-scale production of civilian products began in the 1950s. Although China's silicone sealant industry started relatively late, it was not until the 1990s that it had large-scale production capacity for civilian products, but benefiting from the rapid development of my country's construction, electronics, energy, transportation and other industries, the demand for silicone sealants in the Chinese market Rapid growth has driven the continuous expansion of my country's silicone sealant production capacity. At this stage, China has become the world's largest producer of silicone sealants.


According to the "2020-2024 In-depth Market Research and Investment Strategy Suggestions Report on Silicone Sealant Industry" released by Xinsijie Industry Research Center, since 2011, the silicone sealant market has maintained a continuous growth trend. The size of the sealant market has reached 21 billion. It is expected that in the next five years, the silicone sealant market will maintain a rapid growth rate, and the market size will reach more than 30 billion by 2024.


There are a large number of silicone sealant manufacturers in China, mainly located in South China and East China, accounting for 41% and 36% respectively. Among them, the KASTAR brand ranks among the top silicone sealant manufacturers in China in terms of comprehensive strength.


Industry professionals analyzed that, benefiting from the continuous development and expansion of downstream industries and the continuous expansion of application scope, our country's silicone sealant market demand continues to grow, and the industry has a good future development prospect. However, the downstream industry technology is constantly upgrading, and the performance and quality requirements of the market for silicone sealants are constantly improving. In the future, the competitive advantages of enterprises that can continuously upgrade technical processes and improve product quality will become increasingly obvious, and enterprises that cannot meet market demand will gradually be eliminated.


In the early years, China has not yet developed in the field of structural adhesives, Almost all products used are imported. Since China entered the WTO, Chinese sealant enterprises have achieved rapid development with the rise of the silicone industry. Through the construction of laboratories, the establishment of product quality monitoring and guarantee systems, and the improvement of after-sales service, the gap between the product quality of domestic leading sealant companies and foreign brand sealants has been greatly reduced. KASTAR takes advantage of its keen market sense and cost advantage to quickly conquer the city and conquer the land. The variety of products is greatly enriched, and it has formed a positive development trend in which R&D and sales promote each other.


At present, the consumption of silicone sealant in China is about 1 million tons, and the industry market size is about 30 billion, of which the consumption of silicone sealant for construction accounts for about 58%. (The application of silicone sealant in the construction field mainly includes building curtain walls, sealing of construction and energy-saving glass processing of doors and windows.) It is understood that the largest consumer of silicone sealants in the world is the construction industry. In the United States, Japan and Europe, The consumption of silicone sealants for construction accounts for 44%, 38% and 40% of the total consumption in the region, respectively.


In general, the silicone sealant industry has gone through germination, growth and development stages in China, and has gone through a process of 20 years. China has become the world's largest producer and consumer, and also the largest exporter. Benefit from national development and policy support, Kastar has also taken the lead among many sealant companies.


The next 10 years will be an important period for the world's economic and social development. It is necessary to steadily increase the consumption rate of residents, improve people's lives in an all-round way, and form an industrial structure, growth mode and consumption pattern that saves energy resources and protects the ecological environment. This provides a huge market space and development opportunities for the application technology development and further development of KASTAR silicone sealant. In the future, with the further increase in the supply of silicone intermediates, Silicone sealant products will be more widely used, and its market driving force is still mainly in the construction and industrial fields. Due to the large differences in functions of various products and different application fields, silicone sealants also show different characteristics in terms of market supply and demand.




Looking forward, the market scope of silicone sealant industry will have an average annual compound growth rate of 8% from 2020 to 2025. By 2025, the market scope of sealant industry will reach 31.7 billion. The worldwide silicone sealant market will also reach unprecedented growth. For example, Although the New Zealand construction industry has been affected by tourism, homeowners' demand for renovations remains unabated. To boost economic growth and support the construction industry in the early stages of the pandemic, the government has announced plans to fund large infrastructure projects. The construction industry in the Philippines is projected to grow at an average annual rate of 14.9% through 2022 and then at an average annual rate of 7.8% for the remainder of the forecast period (2023-2025). Government programs to promote affordable housing, transportation, and renewable energy infrastructure are expected to continue to fuel the growth of the industry in the coming years. All of these provide favorable conditions for the prosperity of the silicone sealant market.


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