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Application of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants in prefabricated construction industry

Application of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants in prefabricated construction industry


With the vigorous support and promotion of prefabricated buildings in various countries, the development of buildings has entered the era of industrialization. The "Outline for the Modernization of the Construction Industry" clearly states that by 2020, prefabricated buildings will account for more than 20% of new buildings, and affordable housing projects will adopt prefabricated buildings. The proportion of construction will reach more than 40%; by 2025, prefabricated buildings will account for more than 50% of new buildings, and the proportion of prefabricated housing projects will reach more than 60%. It can be seen that prefabricated buildings have become one of the main directions of future architectural development.


So what is a prefabricated building? General speaking, it is a construction method in which the structural parts in the building, including: walls, beams, columns, floors, bay windows and stairs and other reinforced concrete components, are produced in the factory, and then transported to the construction site for hoisting, splicing and assembly.


As the most important caulking material for prefabricated buildings, sealant is mainly used in the connection and sealing between various components,

especially prefabricated exterior wall panels (PC wall panels); prefabricated exterior wall panels located on the exterior facade of buildings (PC wallboard), directly exposed to the atmospheric environment: temperature, humidity, building load, sunlight exposure and other factors will affect its performance; therefore, this puts forward high requirements for the comprehensive performance of the sealant.


MS Polymers Sealants came into being in response to the high requirements of prefabricated buildings, because silicone could not meet the requirements of the market due to its various defects, KASTAR company launched MS Polymers Sealants in 2002, with its excellent performance, Become one of the largest professional production bases of MS Polymers Sealants series in China, and strive to build China MS all-round Polymers Sealants. KASTAR adheres to the principle of ensuring product quality, and takes "health and environmental protection, caring for human beings" as its tenet. "Environmental protection, Safety, and High-Performance" has always been the key word of KASTAR's product quality. KASTAR is dedicated to serving customers and serving mankind. With the rapid development of prefabricated buildings, KASTAR has been favored by the market, and occupying most of the sealant market share.

The main performance requirements of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants used in prefabricated buildings are as follows:

1. Excellent Adhesion: Concrete is a loose porous material, which itself contains a large amount of alkaline substances. And It is difficult for silicone to have good adhesion. But KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants has excellent adhesion performance to most substrates such as concrete and stone, Excellent level of adhesion to substrates.


2. Flexibility: Under the action of load, temperature, etc., the prefabricated external wall panels will produce relative displacement between the external wall panels, so the KASTAR MS Polymers Sealant has low viscosity and low temperature dependence, and has good elasticity (free expansion and deformation) ability and Elastic recovery ability.


3. Weather resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance: When the sealant acts on the outer protective structure of the building, the sealant is completely exposed to the outside. The wind, rain, ultraviolet radiation and other reasons will cause the sealant to gradually aging, so it has a high degree of weather resistance and durability requirement. KASTAR MS Polymers Sealant has been used for more than 20 years to prove its excellent weather resistance, heat resistance and aging resistance. Under long-term exposure to outdoor conditions, the modulus changes little, no foaming, no discoloration on the surface, and no cracking.



Eco-friendly: The plasticizer of the silicone itself will slowly seep out of the surface of the colloid, absorb dust, and form difficult-to-remove dirt on the surface of the building materials. But you don't need to worry about these problems when using KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants. The characteristics of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants are: low VOC (solvent-free), no odor of acetic acid or ketoxime, no leakage of silicone oil, no pollution to the substrate, environmentally friendly and no pollution as well.


5. Paintable: The surface of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants can be painted, which can not only make the appearance more beautiful, but also adjust the overall color. And after brushing the paint, the paint film is firm and the compatibility is very well.

This article introduces the characteristics of KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants used in the construction industry. We recommend KASTAR MS971, KASTAR MS973, KASTAR MS977 and KASTAR MS978 these models.


Of course, KASTAR MS Polymers Sealants are have a broad range of applications including is suitable for bonding materials to a variety of surfaces including, but not limited too; concrete, tarmac, timber, metals, fibreglass, stone, bricks, plasterboard, natural stone, and many plastics.


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