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What should we do when the decoration encounters the Covid-19?

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What should we do when the decoration encounters the Covid-19?

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What's up? Dear, don't be sad, don't be sad, the sad days will eventually go away, what is coming is very beautiful tomorrow. I know that you are paying attention to the updated epidemic-related data every day, staying at home and watching the news about the epidemic popping up from time to time on your mobile phone, your mood will sometimes be very depressed, honey, open your arms, Let me hug you.

Ding~ a certain line of nurses took good care of a patient with COVID-19, looking for the food he wanted to eat ......... In a flash, my friend, your eyes are filled with tears again, that simple The text is like a tear pill, and the softest part of the heart is excited at once.

Anti-epidemic at home, emotions gush out like spring water, at the same time, we will hear the most words-wear masks, wash hands frequently, often ventilated.

The house belongs to a relatively closed space. Ventilation is to allow fresh air to circulate, and the virus particles will be diluted, greatly reducing the risk.

It can be seen that after this epidemic, more users will consider healthy and environmentally friendly home improvement methods. After all, home is a refuge.

Therefore, everyone's demand and requirements for decoration are getting higher and higher. Not only do they want to decorate their houses into a warm and loving place, but also have higher standards and higher requirements for the construction materials used for decoration.

First of all, in the stage of decoration design, the two aspects of lighting and ventilation are particularly important. Indoor ventilation and ultraviolet sterilization are the two "magic weapons" against viruses.

Secondly, the layout of the functional space is the top priority for the people living in the house. During the epidemic, everyone stayed at home for a long time. Under the premise that the living space is fixed, a reasonable layout can add a lot of colors.

Open and flexible space allows us to stay at home to reduce anxiety. In addition, we should reserve some space for recreational activities and simple sports.

At the same time, there is also a very important thing is food. In China, there is a saying that people take food as the sky, and there is a saying that "can eat is a blessing", but usually our kitchen has a lot of debris, Only a good layout can look clean and simple, which can enhance our happiness.

After the house is renovated, it will usually live for decades or even longer. In order to show happiness at home with the person you love most, the decoration is not sloppy at all. The details are very important.

The advent of the new crown pneumonia is a huge test for every company and a new round of reshuffle. As consumers, they often care more about whether the quotation of the decoration company will fluctuate greatly after the epidemic, and whether the quality can be guaranteed.

There are many decoration companies in the market. I will not point out the specific ones, because everyone knows and then judges. So as consumers, they should keep their eyes open. Take your own hard money to take risks for others.

The decoration is a big event. In this special period, consumers should find a large company with a guarantee.

There is a saying in China: "The good one is strong", as a 16-year old brand, Kastar is the largest ceramic tile sealant factory and manufacturer.

Kingkir Group has been engaged in the research and production of adhesives for 16 years. We have 2 factories, one is special for KATER silicone sealant in Foshan city, another factory is special for KASTAR ceramic tile sealant in Heshan city.

Kater Adhesives has been producing silicone sealant for more than 16 years, with an area more than 60,000 square meters, the world's leading production process, sand production line, our annual output is more than 20,000 tons. Kater has a reputation among OEMs around the world, such as JET-CHE American, USA800 American, BYP Mexico, FULLER Australian, SOUDA, etc.

Speak actively, put forward the concept and idea of epidemic prevention earlier, enhance the confidence of the US sewing industry, fully invest in the fight against the epidemic situation, help fight against epidemic disease, reflect the corporate social responsibility and responsibility, decoration experts around you, we are attentive to your trust.

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