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Analysis of the market prospect of KASTAR tile grout

Analysis of the market prospect of KASTAR tile grout


With people's yearning for a better life, consumers have put forward higher requirements for the home building materials industry, whether it is products or services. In recent years, with the increasing diversification of ceramic tile caulking products, the color matching ability and the space for choosing materials for different tile categories have become larger and larger. The consumer demand market for Tile grout products will maintain a continuous growth trend. In order to make the pasted tiles more beautiful, and at the same time prevent the gaps of the tiles from accumulating dirt, leaking water, and breeding bacteria, KASTAR tile grout has become a necessity for high-end consumers, and has become a popular decoration material.


Tile grout can well reflect the superiority of its performance and the diversity of its operational performance in multiple application scenarios, and the market development prospects will be further expanded. According to the analysis of the growing market demand in recent years, tile grout is expected to be in the future. The market growth rate will grow at a rate of more than 20%, and the downstream market of tile grout products is expected to maintain a market growth rate of 20%-25%.


At present, the tile grout market in the Chinese has easily exceeded 80 billion yuan, accounting for about 1/5 of the overall sales revenue of caulking agents, and half of the home improvement coating products. If the world's 10 billion square meters of tiles are filled with tile grout, the  market capacity will reach 70 billion yuan. According to the market growth rate of 20%-30% in recent years, it will only take a few years for the amount of tile grout to reach 20 billion yuan.


Under the market economy environment, the fast-growing industries are mixed with each other, and the market is flooded with high, medium and low-grade tile grout products, making it impossible for the consumer market to make real judgments and choices. Brands and norms are about to assume more responsibility for market guidance and industry development. After several years of development, the joint filling construction service will further promote the improvement of its own service level with the arrival of industry norms. Product quality reflects human labor creation and wisdom crystallization, and reflects people's yearning for a better life.


How to ensure product safety so that consumers can buy with confidence and use it safely is the goal of KASTAR. KASTAR's main product——KASTAR tile grout, is a new type of building material for modern decoration, which is used to paste decorative materials. Compared with traditional cement glue, KASTAR tile grout has high bonding strength, thin bonding layer, eco-friendly characteristic and no Poisonous, durable, and mildew-proof for 30 years, it can effectively solve all the problems of traditional caulking. In developed countries and regions such as Australia, Europe and the United States, KASTAR tile grout has been widely used. In recent years, with the improvement of people's living standards, tile grout has a broad market prospect. It has become the decoration choice of many consumers.


Behind the shortage of products and the continuous growth of sales performance, in addition to the excellent product and service quality, KASTAR's "sustainable development" concept has also been highly praised. In recent years, countries all over the world have continued to pay more attention to environmentally friendly building materials, and national awareness of environmental protection is also increasing. When choosing decoration materials, many residents not only consider aesthetics, but also pay attention to their environmental health performance, and KASTAR's full range of products are environmentally friendly. It is non-toxic and has passed a number of authoritative certifications at home and abroad to ensure that the production raw materials, production process and product use process are green and environmentally friendly, and can effectively meet customer needs for high-quality environmentally friendly building materials.

KASTAR has always been aiming at low carbon and environmental protection in the course of more than 20 years of development. From the careful selection of raw materials to the craftsmanship, we strive for excellence in every step, and gradually strengthen its adhesion and construction. And constantly develop and launch environmentally friendly and healthy products to meet the individual needs of different customers. The development concept that KASTAR has always adhered to is green and sustainable.


In order to maintain the "environmental protection lifeline", KASTAR also strictly controls the production process, newly added purification and dust removal environmental protection equipment, and realizes 24-hour continuous monitoring of dust in the production process to ensure high-standard control of environmental protection and health in the production process. In addition to the high standards of environmental protection, KASTAR has a strict management system in every process of production. Dusty, black smoke, and pungent smell, this is the traditional building materials factory in people's impression. According to the concept of intelligent manufacturing, the KASTAR factory will purchase advanced fully automated production lines at home and abroad, complete with fully automated operation management systems, and achieve a high degree of automation while meeting strict environmental protection requirements.


In terms of technical research and development capabilities, KASTAR has its own research and development team, which undertakes important functions such as product application testing, practical training, and theoretical training. Among them, the product application test ensures the stability of product quality and the adaptability of actual construction, and the application technology training center has trained a large number of practical experts. At the same time, enterprises also actively carry out industry-university-research cooperation with universities and research institutes, build a collaborative and shared innovation platform, build a technological innovation system with enterprises as the main body, market-oriented, and combination of industry, education and research, comprehensively integrate resources. And promote the level of scientific and technological innovation of enterprises to a new level.


It can be seen that the development space of KASTAR tile grout is huge, and KASTAR can help you to the greatest extent in the development of your business. If you want to develop a new business or just want to know more, welcome to contact KASTAR.

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