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Application of KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant in industry

Application of KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant in industry


KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant is a new material that basically combines most of the advantages of silicone and polyurethane without too many disadvantages. Connectivity, etc., the overall performance is very outstanding. It has a high market share in the industry.

Because of the outstanding comprehensive properties of KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant, it is widely used in industry.


1. Car manufacturing industry

Advantages of MS Polymer Sealant:Environmentally friendly

After the car is used and disassembled after replacing the parts, the sealing of the joint surface will be deformed and damaged to varying degrees, and these problems are particularly prominent in the automobile maintenance industry. Regardless of the home market or the rental industry market, cars are required to provide comfort, safety and durability. In the joints, seams, doors, interior floors and luggage compartments of car components, the joint sealant used must have buffer vibration, reduce noise; high strength, prevent deformation and bending; long-lasting high adhesion, no fear Water and ultraviolet rays will not cause water leakage and oil leakage in the car; light load will reduce the operating cost of the car.

MS Polymer Sealant is not poisonous during storage and use. When the product is cured by moisture, it only releases a small amount of alcohol molecules, which fully meets the requirements of environmental protection. With the lightweight development of modern vehicles and rapid industrial manufacturing, the use of lightweight materials and high-strength composite materials instead of traditional metal materials has become more and more widely used.


2. Passenger car manufacturing industry

Advantages of MS Polymer Sealant: DURABLE & STABLE

Mass transit vehicles and long-distance passenger vehicles require vehicles with excellent reliability and durability, while also reducing vehicle operation and maintenance costs. Compliance with laws and regulations reduces vehicle emissions and enhances the safety assurance of drivers and passengers. In addition, public transport vehicles and long-distance passenger vehicles also require vehicles to be light in weight to save fuel costs. In the transportation market, the expectation is that the car can operate 24 hours a day in extreme climate temperatures without affecting the performance of the car.

MS Polymer Sealant has a long storage period, and the storage environment is not as demanding as polyurethane. The unused MS Polymer Sealant can be used continuously after removing the skin, reducing loss and bringing great economic benefits.


3. Truck and truck transportation market

Advantages of MS Polymer Sealant: EFFICIENT

Manufacturers of container trucks and vans develop solutions to meet growing transportation demands. Drivers are demanding further reductions in vehicle operating and maintenance costs while increasing durability; compliance with regulations to reduce emissions and enhance safety. This market maximizes uptime over the life of the vehicle, guarantees the safety and comfort of the driver using the vehicle, and minimizes operating costs.

KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant has more excellent performance, providing customers with multi-functional solutions such as bonding, sealing, vibration and noise reduction, and structural reinforcement to meet the growing requirements of market production. KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant provides partners with complete solutions to support customers in optimizing production processes, improving quality and reducing costs.


4. Shipbuilding industry

Shipbuilding and its professional maintenance require high-performance sealant products to ensure the reliability and durability of its structural bonding and gap sealing. Ships have high requirements for sealants, especially water resistance (salt water) and moisture, waterproof sealing, and UV performance.

KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant is suitable for most substrates, without primer, through the cohesion reaction of the silane segment in the silicon modified molecule in the molecule, to directly achieve bonding and sealing. KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant creates a permanent and strong link between different materials by bonding. Due to its uniform elasticity and adhesion, the substrate is not damaged by adhesion, reducing complex process steps and giving customers greater freedom of design in product development plans.


5. Light rail market

A large number of high-speed light rails, intercity light rails and urban subways have been put into use, and the production of light rail carriages has generated huge market demand. The rail car market demands reliable and innovative high-performance solutions for internal and external bonding and sealing of all types of rail vehicles produced today. High-speed light rail will generate high-frequency vibration, high elasticity, excellent mechanical properties and high strength, and it is suitable for sealants of various substrates, which helps to simplify the process, shorten the production cycle and reduce energy consumption.

Sealing the joints, cavities and gaps of objects can reduce the pollution and erosion of the interior of objects by air, liquid and dust, as well as reduce noise and heat energy transfer. KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant can not only achieve the above functions, but also is resistant to mildew and water. It is a durable and durable waterproof sealing material suitable for various waterproof occasions.


6. Escalator manufacturing market

The escalator needs to have unique adhesive properties, no corrosion, no shrinkage, elasticity and shock resistance to the steel plate of the car body, and the medical elevator has higher environmental protection requirements.

After KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant is injected into the load-bearing structure cavity, it strengthens its load-bearing strength and increases structural reliability and safety. The excellent fatigue resistance of KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant reduces equipment maintenance and repair costs. The design is flexible, increases the strength of the nodes, and improves the vibration frequency of the equipment.


The many applications of KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant in industry make the product market more and more broad. If you want to develop new business about KASTAR MS Polymer Sealant, please contact KASTAR.

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