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MS Polymer Sealant VS Silicone

MS Polymer Sealant VS Silicone


How do they compare? Both are common use structural adhesives, with one using a modified silane polymer as a base, and the other using a synthetic polymer. They are both used for sealing and bonding applications, across many industries.

The benefits to using MS Polymer Sealant, are that they are stronger and have a higher green strength than silicone adhesives, as well as a faster cure. They are odorless, flexible, and can be painted in most applications. MS polymers are UV resistant, perform well at low temperatures, and are a lot more durable than silicone adhesives. They are also more expensive.

Silicones, on the other hand, are cheaper but just as flexible as MS polymer sealant. They have a strong odor, are slower and not so strong as MS polymers, and are not paintable.

MS Polymer Sealants are part of a new generation of isocyanate-free, high strength bonding and sealing technology. This new technology uses a modified silane polymer as its chemical base, which is known for offering superior adhesion and green strength when compared to traditional silicone adhesives and sealants.





This MS Polymer adhesive and sealant technology provides water tight sealing of joints suitable for all kinds of material sealing. Benefits of MS Polymer adhesives and sealants include strong yet flexible bonds while sealing lines, odorless formulation, can be painted, and have incredible UV resistance. MS Polymers Sealants are have a broad range of applications including is suitable for bonding materials to a variety of surfaces including, but not limited too; concrete, tarmac, timber, metals, fibreglass, stone, bricks, plasterboard, natural stone, and many plastics.




<Automotive applications where silicone is banned

<Ship-deck caulking, ship & boat building

<Structural bonding in vibration constructions

<Connection joints in sheet metal fabrication

<Supple bonding in car bodies, caravans & containers

<Construction & building fabrication

<Glass panel bonding

<Lighting lenses

<Potting & sealing

<Bathroom applications

<Decorative water feature sealing

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