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How To Adjust Tile Joint During Ceramic Tile Decoration?

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How To Adjust Tile Joint During Ceramic Tile Decoration?

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In the kitchen and bathroom decoration, the spacing between tiles is the key to using tile grout. Adjust the size of the tile gap to make the tiles neat and beautiful and make the gap uniform. The laying of tiles must be left with seams. Now there are some so-called seamless tiles, which is actually a trick. The tile joints are not only to deal with the problem of irregular specifications but also to reserve a place for thermal expansion of the tiles.

If we laying the tiles with no joints, where does it stretch when it expands? Obviously, the thermal expansion and contraction rate of the tiles can not be zero! So what are the consequences of forcing seamless processing? The tiles will have an empty drum, which caused by the ceramic tiles stressing each other.

About the tile positioning cross. Generally, a tile comes with a cross. The 5mm cross can be taken down and reused after the tiles are almost dry for three times. But 3mm and 2mm cross are not easy to take. It’s easy to buckle off the tiles if you are not careful. You can only take them off after the tiles are completely dry, so it’s generally difficult to reuse. But the cross will be hidden after applying Kastar the grout and the effect is great.

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