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Is it okay to use kastar tile grout after tiling the tiles?

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Is it okay to use kastar tile grout after tiling the tiles?

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Is it okay to use Kastar tile grout after tiling the tiles?


When we renovate the house, we always have such confusion. The new house is about to be tiled, and I am busy. I want to arrange the tile sealer construction immediately after the brick is affixed. Ask the decoration designer. Do not? The other thing is that the cracks in the tiles of the new residence feel a bit deep. Can you fill in half with other joint fillers first, and then fill the joints with Kastar tile grout?

According to the customer's question, we come to the popular science about some construction matters of the Kastar tile grout agent.

1. Is it possible to epoxy beautifully immediately after tiling?

After the ceramic tile is finished, it must be cured for a period of time before the construction of the beautiful seam can be carried out. In this way, it can effectively prevent the gap from being affected by moisture or cement mortar from returning to alkali, which will affect the construction effect of the US joint agent. The specific curing time should be judged according to the characteristics of the tiling material.

2. How long does the specific maintenance time take? 

If you are using cement mortar tiles, summer wall maintenance requires 7 days, and ground maintenance requires 14 days. Winter wall maintenance requires 14 days, and ground maintenance requires 21 days. In general, the longer the time, the more alkaline the cement mortar will be, and the construction effect will be more guaranteed. The use of tile adhesive to paste bricks greatly reduces the maintenance time, only 2-7 days.

3. Is it possible to use the half-fill method to construct the Kastar tile grout?

The seam sealant does not allow half-fill construction. The half-fill method cannot control the depth of the joint, and the gap depth is different, which cannot guarantee the construction quality of the beautiful joint agent.

Under normal circumstances, the gap depth must reach more than 3mm, otherwise the performance of the material cannot be guaranteed.

In addition, the use of the half-filling method is easy to cause the tile grout to fall off, which directly affects the service life.

Therefore, friends who are preparing for the construction of beautiful joints, please remember that you can't do tile grout immediately after finishing the bricks in order to save time; nor can you use the half-fill method to save costs.


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