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Not satisfied with the tile gap filler? Clean up and regrout like this!

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Not satisfied with the tile gap filler? Clean up and regrout like this!

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What should we do if the tile gap filler has got black and mildew, just clean or regrout totally? Let's find out the answers!

Now we know that there are currently two types of tile gap filler.

1. traditional mortar-based jointing agent with white cement.

2. the most popular resin-based jointing agent, also known as two-component tile gap filler.

The mortar gap filler can become dirty, moldy or even fall off easily after a long time. For the beauty of the home decoration, the owner will choose to remove it and re-caulk or beautiful the gaps. There are many tools for cleaning gap fillers. The electric gap cleaning tool is the most labor-saving tool. It is mainly used for gaps with wide gaps and more impurities. Or use a gaps cleaning cone or knife to manually clean the gaps. It will be more tiring, but the cleaning effect is more thorough. These tools can be used in combination to achieve better results. It is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck away the cleared debris to avoid secondary pollution of the porcelain gaps.

How To Clean The Tile Gap Filler?

The epoxy tile gap filler is very popular because its a bright porcelain surface, easy to clean and mildew proof. This kind of gaps filler has strong adhesion, which is difficult to clean with ordinary tools. Let's see how to clean up quickly.

Step 1: prepare tools, professional hot air blower, utility knife, gaps cleaning cone.

Step 2: Use a professional hot air blower to heat the tile gaps. Hair dryers are not recommended, because the temperature is not up to and the dryer will be damaged if heated for a long time. The temperature of the professional hot air blower will reach about 400 degrees. Please wear gloves to prevent burns.

Step 3: Use a utility knife along the edge of the tile to cut the tile gap filler forcefully while heating. Pay attention to safety when cutting. Some parts can be used together with the gaps cleaning cone, and the tile gap filler can be removed easily .


1. Please don't try to use acidic or alkaline cleaning fluid in the cleaning process, so as not to damage the tiles.

2. The cleaning process will use sharp tools, high temperature tools, accompanied by flying debris, etc. Please take protective measures.

How To Grout Tile Gaps Like This? Follow Me!

First, load the caulking gun

Install the nozzle to the tile gap filler, and put it into the caulking gun. Squeeze about 40 cm grout to ensure that epoxy resin and hardner mixed evenly.

Second, squeeze the tile gap filler

Put the nozzle as vertical as possible with the tiles to fill the gaps full. Speed forward and master the strength and frequency so that the product flow out evenly.

Third, press gaps treatment timely

Press the tile gap filler after squeeze timely. Or it will be hard to press the grout as it will be cured, also result in not achieving the perfect finish for tile joints.

The above is the cleaning method of caulk and beautifier. I hope it can help everyone.


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