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Hebei Langfang Couple DIY Construction Case By Kastar Grout

Hebei Langfang Couple DIY Construction Case By Kastar Grout

Mrs. Liang, who lives in Langfang City, Hebei Province, purchased 8 pieces of Lutetim gold Kastar tile grout on February 24th. Mr. Liang needs to do the gap filling&sealing job for 100 square meters tile floors, two sizes of tiles as 60*60, 30*30.

Mrs. Liang is pressing the tile grout into the tile joints



After the application of Kastar tile grout this time, what we have learned is the following tips to do the tile filling&sealing with Kastar tile grout.

First of all, it is necessary to clean the tile joints&gaps. After cleaning with the awl, it is best to use a vacuum cleaner to suck one by one, leaving no small dust.

The second is that the beauty seam is a test of physical strength. Don't save time and effort. At first, my husband and I committed this problem. The result is that the seam is not very good, and then it calms down. The effect is beautiful.

The third thing is that our tile joint size is 2mm, the nozzle mouth is thinned by my husband along the mouth and just inserted into the gaps. So that the wasted excess sealant is less than before.

The effect of Lutetim gold Kastar tile grout

The fourth thing is that if the temperature is below 10 degrees, we suggest you prepare some hot water and put our Kastar tile grout into the water for a while, so that the tile grout will come out easily when squeezing it.

Thanks to the platform of the network, the professional workers said that at least 2800 yuan of the minimum amount of work for my family can be beautifully stitched by me and my husband for more than 700 yuan, and it is saved, really happy.

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