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Liaoning Fushun Li DIY Construction Case By Kastar Grout

Liaoning Fushun Li DIY Construction Case By Kastar Grout

Mr. Li purchased 7 pcs of gold Kastar tile grout on February 11th. Mr. Li purchased tools to learn construction techniques in the video and DIY at home.

In the beginning, I was prepared to hire some professional workers to do the gap filling&sealing job, and then I heard from friends that I can buy myself and then I went to the store to buy a full set of tools and try to do it. I didn’t expect the store to be very thoughtful, from tools to cleaning to beauty. Very detailed.

It has been purchased twice, the first time is not enough, and now it has been completed. This double-tube beauty grout has done very well and is very beautiful.

Here are some tips for application:

Be sure to stick the masking tape before the application of tile grout, otherwise, it will be difficult to clean after application.

Removing the masking tape immediately after finished tile joint filling! Otherwise, the beautiful seams that have been solidified and torn will be brought out. Before I started construction, I found a small place to do some testing.

Second, the window should be closed after the application, otherwise, the dust will not be able to clean before the grout cured.

Third, the plastic nozzle is disposable. If it has already been used, you can't go out to eat a meal or something. Otherwise, the inside of the glue nozzle will solidify. It is better to control the application time in half an hour.

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