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Shandong Jinan Wang Ziliuping DIY Tile Joint Filling Case

Shandong Jinan Wang Ziliuping DIY Tile Joint Filling Case

Mr. Wang from Jinan, Shandong Province, bought a new house at his hometown at the end of last year. His friend introduced Kastar tile grout to him, so he purchased 9 pcs of Kastar tile grout for his  tile floor,bedroom and bathroom which has a total area of 77 square meters.

Mr Wang is preparing the tiles

Here is the experience to share with you:

1. It is best to prepare a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust,

At first, we just used awl with the brush to clean the dust of the gaps, it is not 100% clean, and clean the dust is also time-consuming project,no matter how hard you sweep, there are still some dust left, and we forgot that we actually has a vacuum cleaner at home.And for the second bottle of Kastar tile grout, we used vacuum cleaner to clean the gaps, it saved us much more time and energy!

2. Pls squeeze more tile grout out, and then smoothed with a small ball. After drying, the effect is the best.

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