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Can I Really Be A Bystander In 2020?

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Can I Really Be A Bystander In 2020?

by:Susan Tang 806 browse Time required for reading:25

"At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was nothing more than a volcano, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city until the disaster was closely related to everyone," said Liu Cixin, the author of the Wandering Earth, 2020 Year seems to be so extraordinary.

Just two months after the beginning of 2020, Picasso ’s famous paintings were torn, the Yangtze white sturgeon was declared extinct, Australia ’s fire, hundreds of millions of animals were killed, and sandstorms, floods, and hail were also staged in Australia. New crown pneumonia, the world is raging, and the world is still in the process of extreme tension, still sealing the city. Large-scale influenza and snowstorms in the United States hit Canada and severe locust disasters and food crises in East Africa. Earthquakes continue in many places, strong earthquakes in Puerto Rico, earthquakes in the Caribbean in North America, earthquakes in Sichuan, earthquakes in Shandong, volcanic eruptions in the Philippines, dengue fever in Peru, mysterious viruses in Brazil, unknown diseases in Nigeria, high-risk bird flu in Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, and French society continue to riot. Others are worried about another fire-the war of the Third World War. Various black swan incidents occur frequently. Will this year be good? Maybe we do n’t know what it means to us next?

Fortunately, these big things are not too close to my life. Then I can only turn off the phone, pretending to be indifferent to the world, I want to only care about my life, after all, 2020 will be the most difficult year for me in these years. I hope this sentence from a friend this year was great, hopefully, the future will be even better will become the first light of this new decade.

No one is an isolated island, standing alone in the sea, everyone is like a small piece of mud, connecting the entire land. If a piece of mud was washed by seawater, it is also incomplete. After the gunshot, no one is the winner ...

As a person of all living beings, I am so ordinary and so subtle. In other words, if the world is short of me, the world will still run. My leaving or disappearing is only a few people will be sad and sad, because human memory has curves, As the data in the forgetting curve shows, when remembering a new thing

After 20 minutes, 42% were forgotten and 58% was remembered.

After 1 hour, 56% were forgotten and 44% was remembered.

One day later, 74% were forgotten and 26% were remembered ...

Life is so long as if we are going to experience many things, life is so short, just at the moment of life and death, human life seems to have come to an end. In the beginning, we have been doing addition, learning to speak, learning to work, learning to communicate. Slowly, we are doing subtraction, pursuing quality, pursuing circles, and pursuing a high-quality home environment ...

Buy Siemens home appliances, Sharp's air purifiers, carefully selected the best quality decoration team, escort your home, make your home an extremely comfortable and favorite environment, but there is a small detail you forgot? Does the ceramic tile material meet the standard? Do doors, windows and wooden floors comply with environmental standards? Does the selection of the baby room have an impact on the child's vigorous growth?

The number of deaths caused by indoor air pollution each year has reached 111,000 people, about 304 people per day-an an average of one person every five minutes. In recent years, cases of illness and life-threatening due to decoration pollution are not uncommon. According to the survey results of the China Indoor Environmental Monitoring Center: the number of emergency services caused by indoor air pollution in China is 4.3 million each year; the annual number of deaths caused by indoor pollution is 111,000, with an average of 304 deaths each day; The total number is as high as 800,000 to 1.2 million, of which 42.1% is related to indoor air pollution. The World Health Organization announced that 100,000 people worldwide die from asthma due to indoor air pollution, and 35% of them are children. According to statistics, the prevalence of asthma in children in China is 2-5%, and the prevalence of children aged 1 to 5 years is as high as 85%. Indoor air pollution has become an "invisible killer" threatening people's health.

Many survey materials at home and abroad have confirmed:

The indoor pollution caused by a large amount of toxic gas is much more terrible than the gray sky outside. Leukemia, lung cancer, infant deformity ...

These shocking words are increasingly associated with "decoration pollution". Some experts pointed out that modern people are entering the third pollution period marked by "indoor air pollution".

According to the "Guidelines for Indoor Air Quality" released by the International Organization for Cancer Research (IARC) of the World Health Organization in 2012, substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, and radioactive radon are the main pollutants of indoor air.

▲ Mainly from paints, paints, adhesives, wallpaper, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents, solvents, etc. Benzene has a special fragrance, but it is a strong carcinogen. Long-term inhalation of excessive benzene will destroy the human circulatory system and hematopoietic function, leading to leukemia.

▲ Mainly from plates, glue, wall decoration materials, mattresses, etc. Formaldehyde has a pungent odor. Exceeding the standard may cause nasopharyngeal cancer, sinus cancer, and may cause leukemia.

▲ The main hiding places are granite and ceramic products such as tiles and sanitary ware. Radon is natural radioactive gas, colorless and odorless, just like "invisible smoke". It has become the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

▲ Mainly from concrete additives and interior decoration materials, especially in winter construction, a large amount exists in antifreeze. Ammonia gas is easily soluble in water, and it has a quick effect on eyes, throat and upper respiratory tract, and is highly irritating. Short-term inhalation of large amounts of ammonia will cause tearing, sore throat, cough, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, dizziness, vomiting, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Therefore, we need to pay special attention to the decoration, every detail is very important, and in the past two years, the tile beauty joint agent has been used by more and more decoration owners due to its high value, mildew resistance and easy cleaning. Economical and environmentally friendly cement-based joint fillers are gradually being replaced. In the subdivision of tile caulking, there are many brands, mixed fish and dragons, and uneven product quality. The most questioned question is whether it is really environmentally friendly. For new products emerging in an endless stream, we usually maintain "prudent optimism". Is it good or not? What is environmental performance?

Kastar Ceramic Tile Sealer agent abandons the previous concept and strictly controls. It has passed ISO9001 certification. All products have passed CE, FCC, and RoHS testing and certification. It has anti-mildew and anti-bacterial properties. , Only to become a leader in the US sewing industry, a good helper in the decoration industry, and a booster for the improvement of family happiness.

The wildfires are endless, the spring wind is blowing again, and the potential energy that has been developing cannot be changed. No matter how the world is, we still live with heart and quality of life. May there be no more disasters in the world, Susan is here to wish everyone a happy life and a happy and healthy life ~


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